A superintendent’s nightmare in public works construction

So you’re a superintendent for a massive key contractor performing on publicly funded jobs. You know the stresses of managing a project from best to bottom. But nothing at all can put together you for the debacle that can materialize when an auditor begins digging via your data. Day by day logs, paycheck stubs, qualified payroll reviews, and so on and so forth. All due to the fact of a single nameless grievance.

You might imagine you’ve obtained this protected. But a the greater part of contractors nowadays do not. A vast the greater part. 

When a Challenge Can take a Switch for the Even worse

You are neck deep into a $750 Million project, and the owner is respiratory down your neck. You have in excess of seventy subcontractors each sending you individual each day logs for very well in excess of 5 hundred staff. Some subs nevertheless fall

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