Readers Respond: Contractors worried about future infrastructure work

Quantities released past week disclosed that less infrastructure tasks are staying created in the U.S.

Dodge Data & Analytics reported a 31% decline in the nonbuilding sector, which consists of get the job done these kinds of as roadways, bridges and pipelines, and a report earlier this month located that infrastructure tasks truly worth $nine.six billion have been canceled or delayed because of to COVID-19. 

In response to a Design Dive study past week, visitors claimed they are anxious about the potential of infrastructure tasks, with 83% of respondents indicating they have noticed civil tasks delayed or halted because of to coronavirus-related funding troubles.

Some blamed the White Home and Congress for failing to supply plenty of extended-phrase funding for tasks like new or upgraded roadways, bridges and dams.

“The absence of management by the federal federal government relating to infrastructure funding is making common uncertainty throughout all market place

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