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12 Best Low Light Plants

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low light plants

The Sill

Not all houseplants are designed equivalent, which will make your work as a plant parent slightly difficult. All vegetation involve a unique stage of care, primarily when it will come to the amount of money of sunlight and h2o they get. You could also be under the impact that vegetation want tons of natural sunlight and h2o to survive, but which is not just the situation. There are quite a few minimal-light-weight vegetation that can survive in the darkest, shadiest places of your residence, place of work room, or any place else in want of greenery. Even though some of the indoor and outdoor houseplants on this list are forgiving and tolerant in all circumstances, most of these versions basically mature a lot quicker and more robust when they have less light-weight to work with.

But let us be clear: minimal light-weight doesn’t necessarily mean no light-weight. “In get to mature, minimal-light-weight vegetation even now involve some indirect light-weight, normally from a north-dealing with window and away from the windowsill,” Alfred Palomares, vice president of merchandising at 1-800-Bouquets, tells us. Even though minimal-light-weight vegetation can vary in their forget about appear, leaf shape, and coloration, quite a few of them have one popular characteristic: “broader, thinner leaves that allow for them to adapt to this local weather about time.” Even now, some plant sorts involve much more TLC than some others, so brush up on the particulars of just about every green magnificence to locate the appropriate suit for your room (and green thumb).

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Snake Plant



Recognized by some as the Sansevieria, this stiff, upright plant grows best in dry soil and only requires some sunshine to survive. An extra bonus: ” It can improve the air-good quality in the room it life in, substantially like the ZZ Plant,” Palomares states.

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Spider Plant



No domestic plant list is comprehensive with out mentioning the trusty, tolerant spider plant. “It can be a graceful plant that will make a statement any place — from a tabletop to a mantel, or with its attractive arching leaves as a hanging plant,” Bloomscape Plant Mother Joyce Mast tells us. 

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Chinese Evergreen

Costa Farms


Whilst this popular houseplant doesn’t want a ton of sunlight to survive, it will never do very well in dry, scorching circumstances. It can be seriously a tropical plant, which usually means that it prefers heat, humid climate — preferably somewhere in between 70 – 72ºF.


Calathea Rattlesnake

The Sill


This tabletop-welcoming plant, which has a two-tone sample that resembles reptile pores and skin, doesn’t like the experience of sunshine on its leaves, earning it ideal for minimal-light-weight environments. But there is certainly no want to fear: Whilst it really is named after a venomous snake, these shiny greens are absolutely pet-welcoming. 


Golden Pothos



This little-but-mighty plant also goes by the name Devil’s Ivy mainly because, very well, it really is immune to dying. That usually means, it’s going to survive under harsh fluorescent place of work lights, no light-weight at all, or even a several weeks with out h2o — choose our editor’s word for it. 


Monstera Deliciosa Ground Plant



It can be well-known on Instagram for a motive: This ground plant can stand up to minimal light-weight and semi-drought circumstances. Along with purifying the air, the heart-shaped leaves provide a comforting serene to any room. 


Peperomia Obtusfolia

The Sill


When addressed just appropriate (minimal, indirect light-weight and weekly waterings), this Rubber Plant will mature tiny white flowers. But if you come about to have a sunny spot or windowsill nearby, it will never damage to adhere it near to the sunshine because it also thrives in medium light-weight. 


Bird’s Nest Fern



Fern vegetation are the be-all and end-all of houseplants. They have been about for hundreds of thousands of decades, flourishing in all kinds of light-weight and h2o circumstances. Bird’s Nest Fern, in specific, thrives in minimal-light-weight areas. Pay attention to its leaves to see if it really is getting way too substantially light-weight: The much more crinkled the leaves, the less light-weight it requires.


ZZ Plant



“This houseplant is wonderful for plant mothers and fathers whose houses have minor light-weight and minor time to care for their vegetation,” Palomares states. Sounds like you? Then try out this shiny green, out there in desk or ground plant sizes, in your room for extra model and air purification. 


Nerve Plant



Also called Fittonia, this little-leaf selection the natural way grows as floor protect in native South The us. To truly thrive, it requires tons of h2o and shade, earning it ideal for windowsill planters, little containers, and terrariums. But the less light-weight they get, the less colourful the leaves will be.


Philodendron Brasil


$sixty five.00

If you might be a 1st-time plant parent, take into consideration the Philodendron Brasil: This trailing plant is “exceptionally forgiving and will tolerate all kinds of neglect, together with minimal light-weight, inadequate soil, and inconsistent watering,” according to Mast. Ideal for bookshelves or plant hangers, the vines spill out rather speedily, providing rookies the reassurance they desperately want. 


Modern-day Bamboo



A symbol of expansion, luck, and prosperity, Braided Bamboo is cherished by quite a few mainly because it brings feng shui to any space. It can be also incredibly effortless to choose care of: It grows best in minimal indirect light-weight, slightly moist soil, and temperatures ranging from sixty five – 95°F.

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