September 10, 2019

3 Ways To Sell an Old Home To Young Buyers

You may love your home just the way it is, but when it comes time to sell the well-loved, older building, you may need to take a critical look at what is missing and change a few things. Here are three ways to sell an old home to young buyers.

1. Check the Lighting

Lighting can make a room feel inviting, so it is no wonder that one of the things that can help sell your home is clean windows, updated lighting fixtures, and new light shades. If your curtains or draperies are dark in color, you may want to switch them out for lighter fabrics so that the light radiates into the room from the windows rather than being absorbed.

2. Kitchen Upgrades

Appliances can make or break the sale of a home to a young home buyer because they can’t imagine living in a world without the convenient appliances. So, if your home doesn’t have a dishwasher, call for a dishwasher installation Washington DC. Also, make sure your oven, stove, and refrigerator are not 30 years old. If they are, they need to be replaced.

3. Make It a House

After living in your home for many years, you probably have many items on the walls, stacks of books, and maybe even some bric-a-brac. Before putting your home on the market, remove anything that could make the house a home. This includes pictures, plaques, awards, or fun kitchen items. The more things you remove that made the building your home, the more easily a buyer will be able to see themselves or their family living there.

4. Remove the Paper

Older homes often have wallpaper covering at least one or two bedroom or hallway walls. If possible, remove the paper and allow the potential buyer to decorate the home their way as they imagine the space filled with their possessions.

You can sell an older home to a younger buyer. All you have to do is plan ahead, and make sure your home becomes a house.

Preparing For Your Beach House

Whether you own a beach house or just snagged that great seasonal rental, you’re no doubt looking forward to fun in the sand. But as anyone who has spent a long day in the dunes knows, there’s usually a lot of stuff to lug around. Leisure time can be pretty tiring. How to avoid getting worn down? By being as efficient and organized as possible. Here are a few ways to do so.


Save Steps

Some of today’s most desirable coastal homes are equipped with beach house cargo lifts. These convenient external elevators have grown in popularity because these homes are being built higher above sea level. They’re capable of moving large quantities of items to higher floors quickly. Most have a capacity of at least 1,000 pounds. Cargo lifts are also a much easier way to stock a house at the start of the season than by making multiple trips up a staircase, where injuries are all too common.


Make Lists

You think you’ve gathered everything for your trip to the ocean: the beach chairs, sunscreen, umbrella, snacks and toys. But then you get down to the ocean and realize you forgot towels. The long trek back to the house begins. Or worse, you may have even forgotten to stock the house with certain essentials and now have to find a store to make an unexpected purchase. Both scenarios can be avoided by simply making a list of necessities.


Plan Ahead

Waiting until the last minute can induce stress. Whether you’re an owner preparing for the season or a renter planning a stay, get in the habit of packing at least two days in advance. You can then use the additional time to closely review everything you’ve packed. Most people find that this technique helps them avoid overpacking.

Owning or renting a beach house is often a reward for all your hard work. By following these tips, you can ensure that your time at your house never feels like more hard work.