26 Plants to Grow Side-By-Side

Seasoned gardeners know that a assorted mix of vegetation will make for a nutritious and gorgeous garden. Numerous consider that certain plant mixtures have amazing (even mysterious) powers to aid just about every other improve. Scientific examine of the method, identified as companion planting, has verified that some mixtures have serious gains special to those people pairings.

Companions aid just about every other improve and use garden house efficiently. Tall vegetation, for instance, supply shade for sunshine-delicate shorter vegetation. Vines can protect the floor while tall stalks improve skywards, permitting two vegetation to occupy the similar patch.

Some couplings also stop pest problems. Vegetation can repel harmful organisms or lure the poor bugs away from a lot more fragile species.

These mixtures of vegetation do way far better, collectively:

Roses and Garlic

Oleksandr Berezko/ Shutterstock Denis and Yulia Pogostins/ Shutterstock

Gardeners have been planting garlic with roses for eons because

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