Mascara Stain Removal – How to Remove Mascara Stains

It transpires: You’re applying your make-up for the day and out of the blue, the mascara wand slips out of your hand, bounces off the wall, rolls down your shirt, and spills all over the carpet. Ok, maybe the scene isn’t really that extraordinary. But, we’ll generally come across ourselves with a mascara stain that just would not budge, even just after passing over the stain with cleaning soap and drinking water once again and once again.

Luckily, Director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, Carolyn Forte, has some tips to get the stubborn stains out of upholstery, carpet, and clothing — without acquiring to throw them in the wash. Some of these guidelines even eliminate water-resistant mascara. All you will need is some essential cleaning supplies that you most likely already have stocked up at dwelling.

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