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30 Inspiring Rectangular Backyard Ideas For 2022

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The backyard has got to be the most underrated and often underused areas of a house. Have you ever paid much attention to the backyard in your home? Most people use it for storage space but it’s actually such a great space to build yourself a relaxing corner.

Don’t fret if you have a rectangular backyard; there are plenty of ways to spruce it up! Keep reading for 30 of the best rectangular backyard designs to give you inspiration for your backyard!

A Cozy Flower Corner 

30 Inspiring Rectangular Backyard Ideas For 2022

A comfy chair surrounded by flowers can be incredibly soothing! By transforming your outdoor backyard into an area filled with colorful raised planting beds, you can make the most of a garden in any shape or size. 

Imagine coming home from a busy day to this outdoor haven. You can sit back, relax and breathe in the scent of tulips, roses and whatever else your gardening heart desires! A top tip for this backyard idea is to use similar shades of brown in the wooden planting beds and chair. This will give a consistent and organic feel to your space.

A Restful Reading Nook

A relaxing reading nook under the sunny backyard garden

Is there any better feeling than curling up against some cushions with a good book? This enclosed wicker chair is a beautiful use for limited space that still brings comfort and style. The chair in this picture is double the package though because its smooth curves play into a more natural look for your outdoor space. 

Outdoor furniture like this can also easily fit into the corner of your rectangular backyard, giving you a good view of your personal paradise. Winter doesn’t need to frighten you away from your garden either because you can tuck your warmest blanket around you without worrying about it getting mucky.

Swinging Benches With A View

Swinging bench located on a green relaxing backyard garden

We never lose the joy that comes with a swing – adult or child! So why not include a swinging bench in your outdoor space? The shape of this outdoor furniture works well with the dimensions of a rectangular backyard, creating a consistent design.

Positioning it at the end of your backyard also gives you a full view of the landscape that shares your home. You’ll be able to rock back and forth while taking in a sight for sore eyes!

A Sheltered Outdoor Fire Pit

Open-air sheltered fire pit set-up under the sunny blue sky

Do you ever want to have shelter from the sun but don’t want to be fully separate from the garden? In these times, using a stretched canopy is a stylish solution! It’s as simple as setting up four wooden poles and pulling the material tight overhead. 

It provides relief from the scorching weather without removing you from the peace of your garden beds.

This type of shelter works very well next to a barbecue and a fire pit too – you can easily use them for an outdoor kitchen or for warmth without having to worry about smoke build-up!

Angles And Contrast

Angles and contrast emphasizing elegant black and white backyard garden set-up

One of the greatest joys in outdoor landscape design is adding your own personal flavor to it. If you prefer straight lines and contrasting colors, this idea can turn an ordinary space into a modern outdoor room

From the partial walls and matching pottery to the outdoor furniture, you can apply this idea to any part of the area. It turns minimalism and beauty into a chic entertaining space.

A Muted Outdoor Lounge

Quiet and relaxing outdoor lounge beautifully decorated with pink pots

Soft colors work beautifully for a relaxing outdoor lounge. Whether they’re used in the furniture or the pots, they’re very easy on the eyes! Potted plants are great if you want more foliage but don’t have the space – plus you have the advantage of being able to arrange them in a million different ways! 

Adding a pale wicker sofa adds to the gentle palette and gives you extra room to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery. If you have extra space, play around with the idea of an outdoor kitchen. It’ll make your life so much easier when you’re entertaining!

A Vibrant Veranda

Beautiful backyard landscape backyard design with vibrant veranda on a walkout deck

If your backyard calls for more vivid colors, adding similar shades in an umbrella and furniture can do just the trick! This image shows that having warm colors in your furniture can enhance those in the plants too. Overall, it gives off a vibrant and inviting atmosphere!

Verandas give the illusion of space as well, elevating a smaller outdoor space and giving you a vantage point.

Rectangular And Rustic

Drone view of a rectangular and rustic backyard garden design

A rectangular backyard is a great opportunity to include other longer shapes. You can consider rectangular paving and benches as key points in this elongated wonderland. By keeping the shapes consistent, your landscape design will appear intentional and you can use the dimensions to your advantage.

Rustic and organic colors will give your outdoor space a natural vibe, with warm woods and creme flooring. If you have enough space to spare, throw in a fire pit!

Luscious Levels

Urban backyard garden design on luscious levels

Another way to create illusionary space is to build steps and levels for your plant beds. The stones you use will also neaten up the area if you’re looking for a clean and sleek appearance! 

With such a beautiful area, you wouldn’t want to lose sight of it as the sun goes down. Small lanterns along the edges and in the plant beds light up the landscaping to give you a wonderful sun-downer sight. If sustainable living is high on your priorities, you can even use solar-powered lanterns that soak up the power during the day and switch on when night falls!

Outdoor Living Meets Indoor Luxury

Cozy and luxurious backyard garden design with sofa and hanging chair

If you’re keen on the utmost comfort and luxury in your outdoor lounge, this is your sign to throw out the rule book and decorate your backyard as if it were your living room! We might not immediately associate rugs or drapes with outdoor design, but they add a unique sense of home whether you’re under a roof or not.

Would you have thought that this was a garden if you didn’t see the grass and vines? Your garden is your canvas and you can turn it into any creation you please!

A Patterned Paradise

Backyard garden designed with a stylish rattan furniture and pattern carpet

Do you have a favorite pattern that you would put everywhere if you had the chance? Well, here’s your chance! Cushions and rugs with the same pattern put the outdoor landscape design in harmony – and bonus points if the pattern is in neutral colors! That way, you can add in a variety of other colors that won’t clash with the pattern. 

You can even add secondary subtler patterns to the mix. For example, the sofas and coffee table have a woven pattern that doesn’t distract from the black and white diamonds.

A Frame Of Flora

Modern patio designed for outdoor backyard garden

No need to worry if you don’t have separate space for your outdoor furniture and plants – you can incorporate them into the same area by creating a perimeter filled with flowers! Raised planting beds are very useful for this idea, especially if you don’t have soil around the edges of your garden.

As with our other ideas, this one will fit fluidly into a rectangular backyard. Straight edges can seamlessly be adorned with plants that will brighten up your botanical haven!

An Undercover Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor white dining table and dining chair on green artificial glass under the roof at rooftop terrace

This idea is for those who love fresh air but enjoy the convenience of coverage and artificial grass! This retractable roof allows you to pull it back for a view of the sky or cover your backyard for extra shelter. 

As your mood and the weather change, so can your backyard! For a touch of nature, you can include a few ferns around the edges in clay pots. 

A Rugged Row

Rugged row chairs on the backyard garden

If elevated areas or verandas don’t suit your personal flavor, a row of large stones can create a designated relaxation area instead! You can carve up your rectangular garden into smaller sections and add the decorations for each part. This makes it easier to organize your outdoor space while staying on the same level as your lawn. 

Need some more inspiration to make your lawn more visually interesting? Check out this article!

Backyard Meets Personal Cafe

Sunny landscape backyard garden with cafe style designed wooden dining table set

If you want to entertain several people without the social separation that comes with large tables, you need to try out a cafe-style set of small tables and chairs!

Small sets of furniture are easy to arrange in a rectangular garden because you won’t have to worry about large available space. You could have them in different corners of the backyard, next to each other, in a diagonal line, and the list goes on!

A Kiddies Corner

Compact backyard garden with dining area and play area for kids

Parents worldwide will understand the need to incorporate your children’s playthings into a home. This idea gives kids half of the garden, with the other half allocated to comfortable spots for adults to supervise their shenanigans! Since laughing normally leads to crying, you can have grass for the areas that they play on to prevent any painful slips and paving for the other half. 

Prioritizing play areas doesn’t mean you can’t have plants too! Creepers and vines are a beautiful way to use vertical space and add a natural atmosphere to your family home. 

Backyard garden set-up with pathways for extra plants

If you’re keen to include extra garden beds but don’t want them to only be around the border of your backyard, paving a few extra paths can provide you with the linear garden beds you want! You’ll also be able to tend to them up close without stretching over the other plants. 

This idea also feeds into a landscape design that compartmentalizes your backyard. Another element you could consider adding is a fire pit instead of the dining table. One side of the pathway could lead to a warm and inviting space with couches and an outdoor fire pit. 

Undecided between the two? You could even swap the furniture based on the season! When the winter chill sets in, you can bring out a brazier – then replace it with the table in the summer.

Tranquil Park Vibes

Backyard garden area with wooden table and benches, wicker chairs and fire pit

For those of us that savor the peaceful moments spent on park benches, a private park could be just what the doctor ordered! 

You can incorporate large trees and room for scattered furniture into your landscape design to fulfill those needs, or bring in a fire pit for fun-filled Friday nights and a barbecue for Sunday lunches! Your backyard will turn into your personal social paradise with the tranquility that the foliage provides.

A Temple-Like Terrace

Temple like backyard garden set-up

Looking to take tranquility one step further? You can place wrought iron decor and furniture alongside tall fir trees to bring it all home! Stone paving and clay pottery add an authentic touch while balancing out the shine of metallic features.

This concept takes nighttime into the landscape design too with miniature spotlights pointed upwards at the trees. No light in your eyes and highlighting the beautiful design? Sign us up!

Sunbathing In Style

Fireplace backyard garden design with firewoods on the sides

Are you a sucker for the warmth on your skin as you soak in the halcyon vacation vibes? The feeling of peaceful pampering as the Vitamin D refreshes your soul. That indulgence shouldn’t be reserved for your annual holiday! You deserve to unwind this way every day.

A garden that gets a lot of sun is the perfect spot to include a sun lounger. You can bring resort-style into your landscape design with sleek patterns and wooden decor. Since it’s your garden in daylight and star shine, an outdoor fireplace is a gorgeous finishing touch for the evenings spent outdoors. 

If you’re in the market for some new sun loungers, check out this beautiful five piece set from Shintenchi . Now only are these pieces waterproof and UV resistant, but they’re also really comfortable, sturdy and easy to assemble!

Timber Topped Veranda 

New modern backyard garden patio covered with a timber plank ceiling and a rectangular fire pit, made of concrete and slate tiles.

If you don’t want to leave any stone unturned, your veranda’s ceiling can become the next project! Wooden strips add warmth and give your outdoor space a cozy atmosphere

This landscape design is also catered in parallel to the veranda. The layout of the plants rounds off the opposite border of the backyard with varying shades of green and the tiling gives a cool tint to fill each portion of the color wheel. The ultimate result is a soothing and beautiful design.

A Pine Pergola

Covered backyard garden with patio area overlooking backyard area

In the heat of the day, a cool moment in the shade can make the world of a difference. So why not make the entire structure out of wood? It compliments any other furniture or house paint color and gives you the perfect spot for relaxation!

A pergola attached to your house makes great use of the space and gives the landscape design an open-plan feel. It can also bring flexibility – if your lifestyle lends itself to a hot tub in winter or a barbecue in summer, you can change it up as you see fit! You’re protected from the elements for any activity with a weather-friendly canopy. 

This type of shelter is also really helpful if you need some outdoor storage space!

An Earthy Escape

An earthy escape ambience with a beautiful wooden gazebo in the backyard garden

Do you ever want a moment out of the hustle and bustle of daily life, deep in the healing greens of your garden? This simplistic backyard idea gives you a step away from the grind in an isolated and idyllic shed!

You can build a minimalist corner of the world that belongs to only you by disconnecting it from your house. It can be in the far corner of your backyard, with loads of leafy plants and pale woods. Another benefit is sliding walls that you can adjust to different sides of the structure, meaning that you can switch and swap when the sun moves.  

A Stunning Wooden Gazebo

Stunning wooden gazebo style backyard garden

Wood is usually considered to be a traditional and rustic material, but in my humble opinion, wooden gazebos have such a timeless and somewhat modern feel.

This backyard design makes for the perfect weekend hang-out spot. Throw on some string lights and maybe a fire pit and you’ve got yourself the ideal outdoor area to spend quality time with your loved ones! 

A Backyard With A Contemporary Look

Backyard garden with iron pergola and rustic style sofa

Have you ever heard the saying “Less is more”? This backyard design is exactly that! 

This backyard design encompasses an outdoor seating area with a modern look. It has a wide-open space that has enough room to accommodate family gatherings and even an outdoor kitchen and dining area!

The structure of this back porch is an iron pergola that rests on a wooden deck alongside a beautiful lawn. This side yard modern idea is actually among the low-maintenance landscape ideas, believe it or not! 

Converting Your Backyard Into An Art Display

Backyard garden with personalized design that displays art

If you’re a fan of water features but would like to go a step further and create a makeshift body of water in your backyard, this natural stone rectangular shape backyard design is for you! 

This showstopper backyard design is quite visually appealing despite being among the more low-maintenance landscape designs. All you’ll need to replicate this design is a tarp, some big boulders for the perimeter, and any type of decoration that appeals to you, such as these DIY tire swans.

For more ideas on how to add more visual interest to your backyard, check out this article for some amazing lawn edging ideas!

A Mini Backyard Nature Reserve

Mini backyard garden themed like a nature reserve

This rectangular backyard landscape design has got to be one of my favorites! I love how the different features complement each other so beautifully. From the use of stairs and potted plants to the little bodies of water, they all come together to make a gorgeous and serene backyard.

The most striking feature about this landscape design is that pretty much anything goes! There’s no need for careful planning and doubting whether a specific plant you like is going to fit in. It’s extremely easy to customize this rectangular backyard design to your liking!

Back To Basics For New Homes

New home backyard garden decorations, planting evergreen trees and creating decorative stone bed.

Just moved into your new home and the backyard looks a little meh? Fear not because sometimes it’s much better to start from scratch than to carry on with another person’s vision for your backyard. 

First things first, head out to your local nursery to grab some of your favorite plants and shrubs that you think would work best in your rectangular backyard. Before you head out, make sure you have a good idea of how much space you need to cover and what types of plants and trees would work best. 

It won’t look like much at first, but trust me, you won’t regret it when they start blooming!

A Tropical Backyard Landscape Design

Tropical backyard garden design with colorful trees and decorative trimmed bushes

What’s more tropical than an abundance of greenery? Cover your backyard with your favorite plants and trees to make the most out of this landscape design.

Raised garden beds work well with this long narrow yard. The perfect addition to this setup would be some solar lights in and around the low-growing plant beds.

This Otdair pack of twelve solar lights are beautiful and so easy to install!

An Illuminated Backyard

Home backyard garden at night, illuminated by globe shaped lights

As the name indicates, the focal point of this backyard landscape design is the lighting used. There’s no better way to emulate that warm, autumnal feel than to adopt a landscape design that makes use of differently shaped and sized plants and rocks. 

To replicate this landscape design, all you need to do is cover the soil in your garden with pebbles and add a couple of short, globe-shaped lights amid the plants. 

Think you could do with a couple more backyard landscaping ideas for inspiration? Check out this article for more beautiful backyard designs!


What Can I Do With A Long Narrow Backyard?

With a long narrow backyard, you can install water features, plant a sensory space and use hard landscaping to create zones. Narrow backyards shouldn’t be fenced with dark colored material because they appear to be closed off. Rather use light, natural colors to make the space appear more open.

How Do You Make A Rectangular Lawn More Interesting?

You can make a rectangular lawn more interesting by making the lawn more elliptical rather than rectangular. You can do this by taking out the corners of the lawn and maybe planting some flowers or adding a water feature instead.

Ready To Revamp Your Rectangular Backyard?

There you have it – 30 of the best ideas for your rectangular backyard! If you’ve been feeling stuck and confused about what to do to make your backyard look appealing, I hope these 30 ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing and given you inspiration on how to revamp your backyard!

If you found this article helpful, please don’t forget to leave us a comment below and share this with a friend!

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