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34 Pink Bedroom Ideas – Pink Bedroom Ideas for Adults and Girls

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pink bedroom ideas

Julia Lynn

It’s no secret that pink can be polarizing. Historically reserved for nurseries, pink has traditionally been pigeonholed as girlish and sweet. These days, however, designers are illustrating that it’s possible to re-think pink and cast it in sophisticated—even rebellious—new ways. Today’s top designers are especially fond of employing pink in bedrooms. Whether it be a coastal-inspired retreat awash in a soft shade of desert pink, or an avant-garde hideaway decked out in an electric shade of raspberry, designers are unapologetically adding pink to the bedroom conversation.

Changing how pink bedrooms are perceived is all about balance. To temper overly cloying connotations, designers are fond of turning to dark, complementary colors. Shades of blue and green—more weighty colors that reside on the opposite end of the color spectrum—are often employed for the task, as are gray and black hues. Another alternative is to opt for a more vivid shade of pink, like fuchsia for a bedroom. With its rock-n-roll connotations, high-wattage shades of pink are perfect for busting pink’s reputation as saccharine. Still, other designers are inclined to introduce an element of irreverence to bridle pink’s girlish glee. Whether it be a supporting cast of traditional antiques, or a fleet of postmodern furniture with playground-like silhouettes, partnering pink with an element of the unexpected is a sure way to liberate it.

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a pink room, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve collected 34 dreamy pink bedrooms to get you inspired to revamp your walls and decor. See how top designers use pink to drum up unexpected dynamism (plus figure out if you’re more team blush or hot pink), with this alluring collection of pink retreats.

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Pretty in Patterns

This vibrant room designed by the firm Liz Caan & Co. shows that pink plays well with pattern. (Make that LOTS of pattern.)


Pink Enchanter

Hot pink accents, including a life-size bear, pop against a minimalist white background in this sophisticated-feeling child’s room designed by Kati Curtis Design.


Blush Crush

Low-profile furniture and a lack of artwork put the spotlight on the blush walls in this elegant retreat cued up by Redmond Aldrich Design.


Sweet Suite

Designer Summer Thornton shows why red and pink make the ultimate couple in this romantic-feeling suite.


Indelible Pink

Bright pink confers a sense of youthfulness in this otherwise mature-feeling girls’ room master-minded by M + M Interior Design.


Pastel Power

To partner a coastal location with a dreamy chinoiserie theme, designer Sarah Gilbane Sullivan opted to employ a soft, seashell-inspired shade of pink.


Speckled Space

Charm is on full display in this cozy attic hideaway teed up by designer Angie Hranowsky.


Welcome to the Dollhouse

To amp up the sophistication factor in a girl’s bedroom, designer Daun Curry used a dusky shade of pink as opposed to a true pink. The result is a room that feels darling, but not cloying.


Chintz Charming

A pink chintz, used on repeat throughout this suite designed by Brockschmidt & Coleman, brings undeniable energy to the space.


Tickled Pink

The secret to this pink girl’s room sophistication factor? The expertly interwoven bolts of green and turquoise that the firm Lisa Frantz Interiors incorporated.


Playfully Pink

Pink and post-modernism go hand-in-hand, as put on display by Daun Curry in this harbor-side playroom-meets-bedroom.


Berry Chic

Unabashedly bold, this striking retreat teed up by the firm Maureen Stevens Design partners raspberry walls and navy accents to create a dramatic effect.


Under the Pagoda

Pink encourages a little playfulness, as showcased by the firm Gauthier~Stacy Inc. in this pagoda-themed bedroom.


Pink, Ma Chérie

French Provincial style is the perfect partner for a pink palette, as put on display in this romantic bedroom designed by Gauthier~Stacy Inc.


Rosé All Day

In this dreamy escape, the design firm Park and Oak showcases how even the most subtle hint of pink can dramatically warm up a room.


Softer Shades of Splendor

For a girl’s room that feels virtually age-proof, Nate Berkus Associates partnered a pink tufted bed and playful pink textiles with glamorously unexpected details like a brass palm tree light and jewel tone settee.


Maximalist Pink

Not to be confused with millennial pink, this lavishly layered bedroom designed by the firm Wesley Moon Inc. makes a case for renaming a certain hue of magenta “maximalist pink.”


Palette Pleaser

To temper the girlish overtones of a shared girls’ room awash in pink tones, designer Kati Curtis Design opted for theatrical curtains and a show-stopping Murano chandelier in a rich goldenrod hue.


Top Cabana

Shades of primary pink, yellow and red energize this tropical-themed oasis cued up by the firm S.B. Long Interiors.


Posh in Pink

For a shared girls’ room, studio CAK employed a subtle pink gradient wall behind two vibrantly-made beds. The yin-and-yang of sweet and edgy feels perfectly apropos for two soon-to-be-teens.


Fluorescent Flourish

This sleek bedroom designed by the firm Suzanne Lovell Inc., offers an enticing option for those who are hesitant to commit to pink but appreciate its verve: large-scale pop art featuring the hue.


Cool in Coral

In instances where true pink might feel too sweet, do as Ayromloo Design does, and opt for a variation like coral. It packs all of the energy of pink but possesses undeniable cool-kid clout.


The Big Pink

Didn’t think pink could work with earth tones? Think again. In this striking retreat, the firm Studio Gild shows us how it’s done.


In Plume

To reign in the exuberance of a decorative accent wall covered in a predominantly pink wallpaper, Lisa Gilmore opted for cocooning mauve drapes. The result is a room that feels decorative and elegant but also has a touch of rock n’ roll.


Rose Gold

As illustrated in this charismatic bedroom designed by Chandos Interiors, shades of pink are an excellent complement to metallics.


Rose Repose

Rose has a calming effect on pattern, as displayed in this inviting retreat designed by the Oakland-California-based firm Redmond Aldrich Design.



A touch duskier than true pink, mauve possesses the nuance of a neutral, yet feels a touch more exciting than standard beige or gray. The firm Denise McGaha Interiors upped the interest of mauve walls more by opting for textured grasscloth.


The Sweetest Thing

A pink palette in a girls’ room needn’t dictate florals and scallops. As the firm Lisa Gilmore Design shows, pink can be intermixed with bohemian elements like rattan lighting fixtures and tribal rugs to cue up an equally darling effect.


Pink Daydream

Primary hues are often called upon for homes possessing Mid-Century architecture, but as Studio Gild shows in this Palm Springs bedroom, pink can feel equally sunny and MCM-friendly.


Perennially Pink

Afraid of a bubblegum-colored bedroom leaning too sweet? Try designer Scott Sanders’ approach in this coastal escape and pair it with a bold pattern and a fearless contrasting hue like chartreuse.


Hushed Blush

Using a pastel shade of pink is all about balance. To provide contrast to a soft shade of ballet, the firm Young Huh Interior Design elected to use a black iron bed and hang artsy glass wall sculptures rather than a traditional painting.


Curtain Call

Thinking pink doesn’t always have to mean pink walls. This serene space teed up by Mel Bean Interiors uses pink drapes to bring a feeling of warmth to an otherwise cool-toned palette.

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