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8 Best Upholstery Cleaners – Best Upholstery Cleaner Reviews

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The upholstered home furniture in your den, dining and dwelling locations is built for, properly, dwelling. And with all that have on and tear, it truly is sure to get soiled. Regular vacuuming with the upholstery resource is a should to clear away dust and loose dirt from a fabric’s area, but often your upholstered home furniture requires additional.

When we check upholstery cleaners in the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, we consider how properly they clear away food items, dirt, and oily stains we’ve applied to a range of regular upholstery materials. We also look at for any cloth problems the cleaners may possibly trigger, how easy the cleaners are to use and rinse away, how distinct the directions are, and for any protection or cautionary warnings that should be on the product’s label. These are the most effective upholstery cleaners in Good Housekeeping assessments for cloth and leather upholstery:

Very best Over-all Upholstery Cleaner: Bissell Very little Inexperienced Transportable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Very best Leather Upholstery Cleaner and Protector: Furniture Clinic Leather Treatment Package
Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Crimson Wine Stains: Wine Away Crimson Wine Stain Remover
Very best Leather Upholstery Cleaning Wipes: Weiman Leather Wipes
Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Pet Stains: Bissell Professional Pet Stain and Odor Remover
Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Pet Hair: Scotch-Brite Significant Surface area Roller
Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Stains: Woolite INSTAclean Stain Remover
Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Fragile Fabrics:
Seize and Rug Dry Cleaner

Upholstery is trickier to thoroughly clean than carpet since it can be built from a extensive range of fibers and materials. Some, like artificial microfiber or cotton chenille, can be cleaned with most merchandise. Silk damask, on the other hand, could be destroyed when cleaned with a drinking water-based mostly strategy. So just before you grab any old cleaner from your cupboard and start off spraying, it truly is a should to know what type of cleaning process is safest for the cloth covering your chair. Look at the treatment tag on your upholstered home furniture just before you thoroughly clean it so you know precisely how to thoroughly clean your couch. A speedy cheat sheet:

  • W: Water-based mostly cleaning answers are risk-free to use
  • S: Only solvent-based mostly cleaning answers are risk-free to use
  • WS: Each drinking water- and solvent-based mostly cleaning answers are risk-free to use
  • X: Neither drinking water- nor solvent-based mostly cleaning answers are risk-free to use. Only vacuuming or specialist cleaning are risk-free.

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Very best Over-all Upholstery Cleaner

Multi-Reason Transportable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner



Effortless-to-store and easy-to-tote from home to home, Bissell’s Very little Inexperienced can clear away just one particular stain or thoroughly clean an complete sofa. Only fill the thoroughly clean tank with drinking water and one particular of Bissell’s cleaning formulas. Then, dispense the option by way of the nozzle, gently scrub with the delicate brush, and vacuum it all back into the soiled drinking water tank for easy emptying. In our assessments, this GH Seal star built speedy do the job or eradicating stains with out detrimental materials or carpet and ii picks up spills more quickly and additional totally than you can with a fabric. The Bissell Very little Inexperienced also carries our Inexperienced Good Housekeeping Seal.  

Very best for materials coded: W and WS 


Very best Leather Upholstery Cleaner and Protector

Leather Treatment Package

Furniture Clinic

$29.ninety five

Leather upholstery is additional forgiving and easier to treatment for than cloth, but it does need to have attention from time to time. GH Seal star Furniture Clinic’s Leather Treatment Package is a one particular-two punch that removes grime and conditions and protects from foreseeable future stains. In our assessments, the cleaner taken out grime embedded in the grain and erased blue dye from jeans that experienced transferred to a leather auto seat. The protector still left our leather seats and swatches supple and shiny and assisted make ink marks we applied afterward easier to clear away. The package features an applicator sponge and buffing fabric.   


Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Crimson Wine Stains

Crimson Wine Stain Remover

Upholstery and wine stains look to go hand in hand. Wine Away was the most effective pink wine stain remover in GH Cleaning Lab assessments. It absolutely taken out clean stains and lightened established-in types so properly they could be quickly washed or rinsed away. Wine Away was easy to clear away from materials with out too much blotting or rinsing that can abrade or problems materials. And will not just continue to keep it for upholstery stains. Wine Away will work on apparel and carpeting, also.   

Very best for materials coded: W and WS


Very best Leather Upholstery Cleaning Wipes

Leather Wipes

For a speedy spruce-up of leather upholstery, almost nothing beats Weiman’s wipes. Convenient to use and always useful, GH Seal star Weiman Leather Wipes thoroughly clean away grime and condition leather upholstery, ottomans, auto interiors and additional with just a pass. Oils in the wipe soften the leather and impart glow. UV protectants enable continue to keep the sun’s rays from drying out leather auto seats or chairs  situated around a window or glass doorway. In GH assessments, Weiman’s wipes were being helpful and easy to use and are a fantastic way to preserve and shield leather on a regular basis and with out a lot of do the job.

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Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Pet Stains

Professional Stain & Odor Stain Remover



Pet stains are problematic for two causes. It is not just that the stain appears terrible, but that the odor — if still left untreated — draws Fluffy or Scout back to do their business on the very same location once again. This GH Seal star Bissell system contains enzymes that attack both the stain and the odor pet messes depart behind. After using it to erase the stain, place a moist fabric over the area and let it established twelve to seventy two hours. This retains the enzymes working to absolutely eradicate the smell and to throw your pet off the path. In GH assessments, Bissell did a fantastic job removing food items stains, also, and will work just as properly on carpeting. 

Very best for materials coded: W and WS


Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Pet Hair

Significant and Wide Surface area Roller



Major surfaces included with pet hair get in touch with for drastic measures. Ditch your little lint roller for this oversized one particular from Scotch-Brite. Mainly because it truly is wide — not narrow — it truly is additional comfy to maintain and addresses cushions and chair backs additional quickly and with considerably less wrist twisting than a smaller roller calls for. Pet hair clings to materials with static electrical energy, so the sheets on Scotch-Brite’s roller are 50% stickier to choose up additional hair with much less passes. Scotch-Brite applications always do properly in GH assessments. They are properly built with excellent factors and this one particular is no exception. Thanks to it truly is horizontal configuration, it truly is easy to use on stairs, also.

Very best for materials coded: W, WS, S, and X

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Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Stains

INSTAclean Stain Remover



Blotting is a important very first step to productively eradicating upholstery stains, but usually you need to have to do additional. Woolite’s Instaclean stain remover contains elements to penetrate and split up stains on call. Only use, let established one particular moment and blot. Hydrogen peroxide in the system acts like a cloth-risk-free bleach to fade stains like tomato sauce, espresso, fruit juice and additional with out detrimental the cloth. In our assessments, Woolite stain removers do the job quickly and totally with out the need to have for extra rinsing or blotting. Woolite Instaclean will work on carpets and rugs, also.

Very best for materials coded: W and WS    


Very best Upholstery Cleaner for Fragile Fabrics

Seize Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner



Silk and other fragile materials labeled with an S code are unable to be cleaned with regular drinking water-based mostly merchandise, so they are not the most effective options for high targeted visitors and commonly utilised rooms. When regular vacuuming with the upholstery resource isn’t really ample, Capture’s dry powder system can freshen and brighten fragile materials with0ut problems. Liberally sprinkle Seize on the cushions, back, armrests and even clean stains and gently brush it in. Allow established 30 minutes for the granules to take up dirt and stains, then vacuum. Seize can be utilised to thoroughly clean carpets, also, and is recommended for upholstery, provided S-coded materials coded. 

Though we haven’t precisely analyzed this Seize powder on upholstery, the merchandise has been on the market for quite a few yrs and based on our past good outcomes testing it on carpeting and it truly is favorable on line assessments, we are comfy recommending it for upholstery. For un-taken out or established-in stains on S-code materials, it truly is most effective to get in touch with in a specialist.

Very best for materials coded: W, S, and WS

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