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A French drain

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Is My French Drain Broken?

A French drain is an essential part of your drainage system that you might not think much about until it quits working. Having a problems inspected is a first step in finding out if you need repairs.

What is a French drain?

A French drain is a pipe that is installed in a trench that has holes on the bottom to allow water to drain down into the pipe for removal. The water is led to a larger sewer conduit to exit the property, or it drains off into an available leach field.

Where is the French drain located?

Most French drains are placed in trenches that run parallel to the foundation of the home. It’s placed near the foundation where water can build up and cause damage. You can also find them near driveways, under basements and other areas that tend to accumulate water.

How can I tell if the French Drain is clogged?

One of the most obvious signs is a backup of water that is no longer going down the drain. It can become clogged with leaves and other debris. Cleaning out the drain will make a world of difference.

How often should my French drain be cleaned?

The French drain should be cleaned out once every year. You might need to have it cleaned after periods of heavier-than-usual rains. It can wash all sorts of debris through the drain, some of which can clog the system. A good time to seek a clean-out is after noticing the water is beginning to pool and drain slower than normal.

Can a broken French drain be fixed?

The most obvious sign that your French drain is broken is finding the trench caved in. You will need to have the PVC pipe replaced. Repairs are typically affordable for most budgets.

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