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A New Pool Installation Timeline: Will Your Pool be Ready for Summer?

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A New Pool Installation Timeline: Will Your Pool be Ready for Summer?

It’s time to take a look at the new pool installation process and to see just how long you can expect to wait before you’ve got your own private paradise in your backyard.

When pool installation contractors work with people to help bring them the pool of their dreams, there are plenty of questions that come up. One common question is, “how long is this going to take anyway?” It’s an important question, and understanding the pool building process is critical in answering that question. After all, you want to ensure that you’re able to enjoy your pool by the time summer comes around so you can get the most out of your investment. It’s time to take a look at the pool installation process and just how long you can expect to wait before you’ve got your own private paradise in your backyard.

Design Phase

First, you need to find a pool designer to help you work out the details of what type of pool is right for you. These days, the process has been made easier by the use of 3D modeling, but it still takes a bit of collaboration to figure out what pool will match your preferences, lifestyle, and physical space, which can take one week to one month.

Getting Permits

Permitting is a part of the legal process that allows your neighbors and local government to know that you’re going about building your new pool the right way. It’s not the most fun part of pool installation, but it’s nonetheless essential. A good builder will help you through this process, and if everything goes smoothly, it may only take a few weeks to get all of the necessary permits. If this process is held up, you may be looking at up to six weeks of waiting.


This is an exciting time in the pool installation process. Excavating usually only takes a day or two, and it leaves you with a space that lets the mind start to imagine what your final pool is going to look like. That said, it may also depend on availability, and issues can arise like utility lines obstructing the site, so it may take a full week or even two to get this part done.

The Basics

Once there’s a hole, the pool’s skeleton can be laid out, including electrical and plumbing. This depends on your pool’s complexity, but it takes about two weeks on average to lay out all the necessities for additional systems like lighting or water features. Once that’s done, the actual pool can be put in place. Vinyl and fiberglass pools will usually take less than a week to install since they’re already built, whereas a gunite pool could take up to three weeks because the gunite needs to cure, and a whole crew must put down plastering first.

Finishing Touches

If you end up opting for anything beyond the basics, you may tack on another one to four weeks for the installation process. This could be for any number of additions, like custom lighting, water features, or landscaping.

All In

On average, you can expect pool installation to take between eight and twelve weeks. It may feel like a few months is a long time, but that’s why it’s so important to plan ahead. Getting started in the off-season means your pool will be ready to roll once the weather is ideal for pool usage.

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