April 25, 2024


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Air Conditioning Is a Benefit to All

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An air conditioner is a device which has a requisite in-built cooling mechanism for maintaining the proper indoor humidity and temperature at the required level by making use of the refrigeration cycle which is sometimes accompanied by an evaporation process.

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The ducted air conditioning brisbane are now commonly used in the vehicles, houses and the commercial buildings. Originally the concept of air conditioning originated in the Ancient Rome, where circulation of cool water in the walls of the houses was done to get the desired cooling. Such cooling procedures were also there in Persia where the combination of the wind towers and cisterns was used to achieve the indoor cooling.

However, the present day air conditioners came into existence as a result of advancement of the chemistry in the 19th century. A first working air conditioner was invented in 1902 by the Willis Havilland Carrier.

There are immense benefits from the air conditioning like cooling, filtration, humidification, and disinfection. Air conditioning is also responsible for providing a germless atmosphere in the patient’s wards and operation theaters. It is also effective on the people suffering from the diseases like asthma. In heat wave conditions it is a boon for the elderly people and children and saves their lives.

The air conditioners should be adequately maintained to their optimum level of performance as the ill maintained units can start promoting harmful bacteria’s and micro organisms such as Legion Ella Pheumophila which is responsible for Legionnaire’s disease. If not properly maintained, they also begin to generate high decibel sounds and could lead to the hearing loss in the people using them over a long period of time.

As we discussed above, air conditioning has immense benefits but this great technology comes to us with loads of responsibilities which also includes adequate maintenance of units. This would surely result in good cooling, efficient usage and less electricity bills for you.

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