French officials embrace BIM, other contech in Notre Dame reconstruction project

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  • What’s previous will be designed new once more at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with the support of some present day building technologies from San Rafael, California-primarily based developing software program design organization Autodesk.
  • Autodesk has turn into an formal member of the patronage set up to restore the 12th-century cathedral that was devastated by a large fire, believed to have started in an attic, in 2019. Its legendary spire collapsed, as did its lead roof following the massive oak beams supporting it burned. 
  • Autodesk will lead style and design options, together with BIM help and specialized abilities. “We are humbled to take part in the restoration and long run preservation of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a truly outstanding architectural ponder of the globe,” mentioned Nicolas Mangon, Autodesk vice president of business strategy for architecture, engineering and construction style options, in a statement.

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