Condo Q&A: Under Warranty? Badly Installed? Who’s Responsible?

Quite a few apartment owners’ home windows leak. The installer tells them the manufacturer’s warranty addresses them the producer blames installation. How to crack the gridlock?

STUART, Fla. – Question: All of the home windows in our condominium were replaced about 8 many years back and quite a few units are experiencing water leaks around the home windows. The contractor is telling us that the home windows are protected beneath a warranty, but the producer is telling us that the home windows were mounted incorrectly. How do we make feeling of this mess? – S.E., Treasure Coastline

Answer: This is a frequent dilemma and the board need to very first have interaction an engineer to establish whether the home windows were appropriately mounted. This might involve some harmful testing to wholly evaluate the installation procedure and you might want to consider a sample of home windows since unique

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