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Design Choices for a Lower Maintenance Home ~ Fresh Design Blog

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Most of us, when we are building and decorating our homes, will believe about how to make it seem fantastic in conditions of our personal individual model and a number of designer-encouraged thrives Most of us do not imagine considerably about how uncomplicated our residences will be to cleanse and preserve tidy when we redecorating them, but it’s possible we really should.

You see, there are loads of design choices you can make that will make your property less difficult to clean and tidy, and if you are anyone who doesn’t just relish undertaking your chores, generating them will make your daily life a lot easier and your dwelling even extra pleasing.

With that in intellect, below are some of the greatest style possibilities you can make for a lower maintenance dwelling:

Opt for household furniture with extended legs

Furniture with legs can be easily cleaned under
Photograph by Jon’Nathon Stebbe on Unsplash

If you want to minimize the sum of time you commit sweeping and vacuuming considerably, then pick furniture that is elevated off the ground. By accomplishing so, you will not have to lift up your couches to get rid of the dust bunnies forming beneath, nor will you have to have to drag your espresso desk throughout the flooring to get entry to the grime underneath. You can merely reach underneath with a sweeping brush or adhere vacuum cleaner for uncomplicated cleaning guaranteed. Even much better, invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner and you won’t have to do any of the operate at all!

Go for wood instead of carpet

Even though we’re on the issue of sweeping and vacuuming, you will be ready to spend considerably less time cleansing and preserving the flooring in your home if you choose for hardwood, tiles, or even laminate flooring somewhat than carpet. Not only does carpet maintain on to filth a lot more simply, but it is a lot more likely to stain than hardwood flooring, which can be wiped and mopped swiftly to stay clear of spills turning into stains, but it can take substantially much less energy to cleanse sound flooring day by day than it does carpet which will typically want to be shampooed as properly as vacuumed.

Picket window shutters

When you are at the stage of determining which window treatment options to use in your house, instead of plumping for curtains or metallic and material blinds, which can normally catch the attention of a entire ton of dust, grime, and stains, believe about picking wooden window shutters instead. These are much lower routine maintenance because, while they can continue to gather dust, you can effortlessly thoroughly clean it by wiping your shutters with a damp thoroughly clean cloth, They will not stain and you will not will need to place heaps of elbow grease into cleansing them up, which indicates they are considerably lower-routine maintenance, Not only that, but they glimpse really complex too.

Decide on eggshell paint

Lovely neutrally decorated calm living room
Photograph by Spacejoy on Unsplash

If you live in a busy home stuffed with young ones and pets who are permanently touching the walls and making a mess, you can make life a lot easier for you by choosing to paint with eggshells and semi-gloss as a substitute of extra matte paints. Undertaking so will minimize any obvious smudges and fingerprints, and it need to be less difficult for you to remove items like crayons from the walls far too. Fundamentally, when you have a young loved ones and/or pets, then the shinier the paint you use for the partitions, the a lot easier it will be to cleanse them up.

Ditch open shelving

Open shelving could glimpse great and be certain that you can present off your exceptional tastes in literature, but they just indicate that your shelving and the stuff you are exhibiting get included in dust. Shelving units with doorways are considerably improved since then you will only will need to dust the exterior, and if you genuinely require to demonstrate off your textbooks, select a cabinet with glass doors and you can do just that.


Minimalism isn’t for everybody, but if you are significant about earning your residence as simple as feasible to maintain thoroughly clean and tidy, then you have to have to consider the simple fact that the less stuff you have, the fewer things you will want to retain clean up and locate a put for. Embracing minimalist design and style and only bringing things into your area that are helpful or attractive can genuinely renovate your household and your everyday living, so if you assume you could arrive to appreciate a minimalist property, why not start out decluttering today?

As you can see, there are so many points you can do to make your property less difficult to clean up and tidy. By utilizing as many of them as you wish, you can undoubtedly cut down on housework and spend extra time actually savoring your property, so what are you ready for?


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