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Dirt Cheap Farmhouse Decor – Puffs Ruffs N’ Stuffs

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Cheap farmhouse decor can be hard to find. In this post, I’ll be giving you some dirt cheap farmhouse decor items that you can use to style your house. The Farmhouse decor style is very common these days. This quaint, rustic style reminds people of days gone by where everything was much simpler. For a rustic, simple style you would expect decor items to be cheap. This is not the case! Rustic farmhouse decor items are quite expensive. So it’s important to make sure that the value of the items you get is truly worth it.

Cheap farmhouse decor is hard to find. There are dirt cheap farmhouse decor items out there. Read this post to find inexpensive decor items. Farmhouse decor cheap, dirt cheap farmhouse decor #AD #FarmhouseDecor
Cheap farmhouse decor is hard to find. There are dirt cheap farmhouse decor items out there. Read this post to find inexpensive decor items.

If you’re in a hurry (or just curious!) –

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What is the farmhouse decor style?

The farm decor style is warm and inviting with accents of simpler times. Decorating in a farmhouse style, you will see lots of layers and texture in the environment. Baskets, wood, plants and metal accents are all common. Grey and white are common colors in the farmhouse home decor style, as are green and blue. Less refined furniture and accessories are present. Furniture isn’t highly finished and glossed. There are “flaws” and “imperfections” in the decor pieces which add to the charm and feeling of simplicity.

The farmhouse home decor style pays homage to the old days where everything was simpler; you would sit on the front porch socializing while the kids chased lightning bugs at dusk.

What do I need for farmhouse style?

The farmhouse home decor style has some key elements that help define it. Adding these to your home will definitely give it a more “farmhouse” feel. If you’re looking for farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget, focusing on these key elements will help give you the look you want. They are:

Farmhouse decor websites and Pinterest farmhouse decor ideas can help you to discover what parts of the farmhouse decor style you like the best. So I really suggest checking out farmhouse decor websites for inspiration.

Where to buy cheap farmhouse decor

Are you looking for good places where to buy inexpensive farmhouse decor? Farmhouse decor can be quite expensive. I don’t know about you, but I love dirt cheap decor items that look expensive. There are quite a few places to find dirt cheap farmhouse decor online and offline. You can buy it from yard sales from actual farmhouses, or buy it from the store. It is a trade of time for money, just like anything else. How fast do you want your home decorated in the farmhouse style? How much are you willing to pay? Cheap and worth the wait are different for different people.

I like to check out different farmhouse decor websites for ideas on how I can style my home. Then I head to some of my favorite places to look for home decor items. My favorite places to find cheap farmhouse decor are:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Hobby Lobby (especially when they have their sales!)
  • Local swap meet or thrift store
  • Craigslist

If you are looking for affordable farmhouse decor, be sure to check these places out! These stores have some amazing discount farmhouse decor pieces, so it’s well worth your time to check them out, even if you are planning on diy. You can get some great farmhouse ideas on a budget – free! by window shopping stores for ideas.


Ok, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Amazon is HUGE these days, and I just love the free Prime shipping. It seems like the delivery guy is coming to my house almost ever day with something from them. And honestly – for good reason! There are some seriously amazing cheap farmhouse decor pieces on Amazon.


Target has really stepped up their decorating game recently. It used to be that Target would only have cheaper pieces or home decor for apartments and decor for college dorms. Not anymore! Target has some seriously amazing looking potted plants. They also have plenty of cute and well made accessory items and nice pictures. Baskets and storage cubbies at target are also some really great buys.


You can find some amazingly cheap farmhouse decor pieces secondhand. Your local swap meet or thrift store is a great place to find second-hand home decor pieces that can be used as is. Even if a piece is in rough condition or not exactly what you want, a home decor DIY project can take it from “meh” to “wow!”. Be sure to keep an eye on these places for hidden gems. If you like something, be sure to snatch it up – it probably won’t be there when you go back.


Craigslist is another great way to find amazingly cheap farmhouse decor. With Craigslist, you are again often buying an item secondhand. However instead of having to drive around to secondhand stores or yard sales, you can shop online. Check out the local ‘for sale’ section on Craigslist and you can see images if different items that are available. If you find something you like, reach out to the seller to schedule an inspection of the item. Make sure that you inspect the item before purchasing it – there are no refunds when buying from Craigslist! Using Craigslist like this to source your furniture is a great way to find dirt cheap farmhouse decor.

Cheap Farmhouse Decor Ideas

So, you’ve decided you want to just buy your farm decor and now you’re looking for farmhouse decor on a budget. Farmhouse decor can be expensive, so finding farmhouse decor on a budget is super important. This can be a great decision. Here are some of the best farmhouse decor steals that are available on Amazon. These items are all super highly rated and reviewed – so you know that you are getting a quality item. Yes, you can get cheap farmhouse decor on Amazon, with Prime shipping too!

Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

farmhouse decor cheap - wood floating shelves, dirt cheap farmhouse decor

These rustic wooden floating shelves are great for adding storage or displaying cute items! Find them HERE

Nothing says farm decor like rustic wood pieces with metal accents. It’s one of the defining features of the style. These shelves have both the unfinished wood and the metal accent pieces. Also, who doesn’t need more room to store things in their life? These shelves are great for displaying cute plants, pictures, or storing DVD’s.

Rustic Wall Decor

Farmhouse rustic decor - mason jars with fairy lights and flowers, cheap farmhouse decor

These mason jars are so cute, and the lights are on an automatic timer! Find them HERE

Another key thing you need to get the antique farmhouse feel in your house is rustic wall decor. Cheap farmhouse wall decor is a must have for your house. Think mason jars, wood signs, burlap, and flowers. These mason jar sconces fill all of those qualities! The mason jars have pixie lights in them that automatically turn off after 6 hours. They come with fake hydrangeas in them, but you can swap them out for any flowers that you like easily.

Witty signs and sayings

farmhouse decor cheap - witty bathroom sign, dirt cheap farmhouse decor

Witty sayings and bathroom signs are common in farmhouse decor. Find this one HERE

Another key feature to country farmhouse decor is witting signs and sayings. This is where you will find large wooden signs proclaiming “Welcome!”, or in this case, lamenting a lack of toilet paper. I love the witty signs in the bathroom, they take a traditionally boring space and add some fun to it. This small wooden sign would be great on a shelf in the bathroom, or on top of the toilet.

Mason Jars

cheap farmhouse decor kitchen - mason jar to soap dispenser attachment, budget farmhouse decor

Mason jars are common in farmhouse decor. These adapters turn mason jars into soap dispensers. Find them HERE

Mason jars are everywhere in farmhouse decor. You can find them in the kitchen or bathroom as soap dispensers (with the help of neat addons like these pumps). They also work great on a dining room table holding flowers. You can even use mason jars for their original purpose – canning food. 😉

White Ceramics

White ceramics with text on them like this are very common in the farmhouse decor style. Find more HERE

White ceramic items are quite popular in farmhouse decor. Rae Dunn inspired items are very popular in farmhouse decor. These items are often quite plain with basic text on them. The messages on the items are usually what it is or what it does, with some items having more witty and charming messages. Since these items are so plain there are quite a few different versions available made by tons of different sellers.


farmhouse decor for cheap - houseplant

Houseplants are everywhere in farmhouse decor. They don’t need to be live though! Check out this cute plant HERE

A huge part of the farmhouse home decor trend is indoor plants. You will see succulents, herbs, and all sorts of plants all throughout the house. Often, there will be more than one plant per room. Now, if you have a black thumb like me, or just don’t have the time to care for all of those plants you can go with fake plants. Fake plants have gotten remarkably realistic looking. Take this cute plant in a grey paper pot for example. It is absolutely adorable looking, and you don’t have to worry about killing it! Win!

Plaid fabrics

farmhouse decor for cheap - plaid throw pillow

Accent fabrics like plaid are common in modern farmhouse decor. Find these cute throw pillows HERE

Remember how I said that the farmhouse decor style was remembering older, long gone days? Well, part of that is plaid. Plaid is quite common in farmhouse decor. You can find it in throw pillows, accent rugs, and hand towels. Basically anywhere that you are using fabric, plaid is a good choice if you are looking for a farmhouse style. Just remember – a little bit of this fabric goes a long way. I would stick to only one or two plaid pieces per room. Otherwise you risk looking like you were invaded by lumberjacks. 🙂


cheap farmhouse decor - shiplap

Shiplap is everywhere in farmhouse decor. Find this cute clock HERE

Shiplap is another common decorating trend seen in modern farmhouse decor. Shiplap is a type of wooden board with tongue and groove. It was originally used as exterior siding for buildings like homes, sheds, barns, and outhouses. Today the antique farmhouse style usually incorporates elements of shiplap. This can be a whole wall covered in replica shiplap, a part of the wall covered in thin stick on vinyl panels to give the same effect, or a wooden sign or other element (like this clock) that was made with shiplap.

DIY Farmhouse Decor projects

DIY Farmhouse decor projects are a great way to save money. These are good choices if you have the time to spend on a DIY project. Remember from earlier, you have to consider if the time it takes to do something is worth the savings in money. Sometimes, choosing a DIY home decor project isn’t about saving money, but is about getting something “just right”. Make sure that when you are picking your Farmhouse Decor DIY project that you understand *why* you are choosing to DIY.

Here’s some super great Farmhouse Decor DIY projects – some of the best that I’ve seen!

In Summary

So now you know how to find dirt cheap farmhouse decor. You learned which stores sell farmhouse decor on a budget, which items to focus on getting for your perfect farmhouse style, and even some DIY farmhouse decor projects. I love dirt cheap decor items that look super expensive, now you know all of my favorites and where to find them. The best farmhouse decor items are ones that you truly love and appreciate having in your home.

✅ Check out this list of cheap farmhouse decor on Amazon

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