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DIY Painted Countertops and Reviews

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Painted Counter tops can very easily change the glance of a kitchen area or bathroom counter on a price range. But, how well do they keep up? We have gathered study and are all set to share the painted counter tops sturdiness in several cases.

After you have painted your counter tops, contemplate including a banquette bench to your kitchen area and eating nook. Or incorporate functionality with these IKEA kitchen area hacks. And incorporate a tailor made contact to your kitchen area island.

Designing Dawn DIY painted and sealed countertops durability review featured on

When it arrives to Diy counter tops, painting can be a fantastic selection. If your counter tops are nonetheless structurally sound but just a dated or unpleasant coloration — a couple coats of paint and sealant can give you new counter tops on a little price range! But, just like with concrete counter tops, wood counter tops, or even painted cabinetry — you want to make guaranteed that you do your study and know what you’re acquiring into. So today we have some professional DIYers to give you their Diy painted countertop testimonials. Some ordered their components separately others used a pre-assembled paint package like Rustoleum or Giani. All of them are all set to share their experience and tips! In addition, level their sturdiness on a scale of one (lower) to five (higher).

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Diy Painted Countertop Assessments

Dawn | Designing Dawn

Dawn (one particular of our beloved contributors!) painted her kitchen area counter tops 4 years back, and they’re one particular of the most well-liked counter tops on our site (featured in this article). The method, in a nutshell: clean/sand, and “faux” paint in levels to resemble stone counter tops (including including glitter!), then seal with Envirotex Lite for a glossy finish.

Designing Dawn glossy painted DIY countertops review

“The counter has held up incredibly well. We refinished them virtually just four decades back, and I did not plan on it lasting eternally, but so far so fantastic. We try to take care of it well, not slicing specifically on it and not positioning incredibly hot pots or pans on it. I realized that warmth can burn up and discolor the resin- which is not a true issue if you use darkish paint, but on my quite light-weight counters it exhibits a little bit yellow in a spot where by I held the torch much too prolonged all through the curing method, so I’ve been more very careful about incredibly hot items touching the counter at any time due to the fact.

As far as cleansing, I never do nearly anything distinctive. Just wipe them down as wanted with Clorox wipes or a vinegar/water mixture. Any stains we have experienced have buffed appropriate out with a magic eraser.”

Designing Dawn DIY painted and sealed countertops durability review

Dawn claims Sure she would use this once more and recommend it to a pal: “Absolutely! I truly have used it once more on my bathroom counters and have been just as happy with that outcome. I’ve also experienced numerous folks try it just after looking through my tutorial who have claimed back again that they have been quite happy with the final results.”

She prices it as a four (Great. It has lasted well and lengthier than I experienced expected). “I did not assume it to very last as prolonged as it has and I assume that we can get numerous more decades of use out of it. I never assume it is as strong as true stone, but we are very careful and it has held up wonderfully for 4 decades now.”

Tracy | Basic Splendour

Tracy painted her formica counter tops (featured in this article) to glance like granite virtually five decades back. Her price range-welcoming fake granite counter tops glance fantastic in her kitchen area!

“The counter tops have held up remarkably well! Even I am a little bit stunned. It was just going to be a quick non permanent repair but due to the fact I am so happy with the glance and general performance, I decided to re-decorate all around them. I lately added a stone backsplash and added a stone backsplash to update the kitchen area but I stored the counters as is. If they get a little bit boring, the glossy shine can be right away restored by wiping them down with furnishings polish.”

Tracy DIY painted faux granite countertop update and review, how to paint countertops featured on

Tracy claims Sure, “I would most undoubtedly use this strategy once more and I have advisable it to quite a few pals. It is a fantastic choice to full counter replacement and is Incredibly charge powerful! I am so happy with the final results.” She prices the sturdiness as “most undoubtedly a five!” (Amazing!)


Kristy | Castle Diy

Kristy redid her kitchen area counters about a calendar year back, employing “some Pinterest inspiration, acrylic paints, a organic sea sponge, a handful of painting tools and the very best stuff at any time: Envirotex Lite!” Whole specifics in this article.

“My counters are nonetheless in fantastic shape! I never place nearly anything incredibly hot specifically on them, and I did get a little bit of foodstuff coloration on them that I’m nonetheless figuring how to get out – but absolutely everyone claims the glance just like granite, but for a fraction of the charge. I can not wait around to employ the exact same technique in the two of my loos, much too. It was undoubtedly less difficult than I considered it would be!”

Castle DIY faux painted granite countertop review

Sure she would use this technique once more and she prices it as a five (Amazing. I assume this to very last for quite a few decades.)

Kristy’s tips:  Make guaranteed you have got a next set of palms, sturdy gloves, and some time to spare. It can take a few days for the counters to heal ahead of you can use them. Also, test and recheck for spots where by the resin did not attain. I have a couple of tiny spots near the edges of my counters where by we did not “push” the resin – I haven’t attempted to go back again and repair these spots nevertheless (but only since unless of course you lived with me, you’d never detect they have been there).



Reader Lauren

Lauren painted the counter tops in her kitchen area about a calendar year back. (She also painted her cupboards, so read about that in this article.)

“I initially required to do a fake marble, but all through one particular journey to the hardware retail store I saw a quartz countertop sample that was a sparkly black and I decided to try and recreate it. I identified some sparkle paint additive at Lowes (the identify escapes me, but it was component of their Valspar line). I got a darkish charcoal paint and added a fantastic little bit of the sparkle dust to give it a shimmer. The counter tops are just laminate, so I sanded and cleaned them ahead of priming as well. I gave it 2 coats of the darkish paint, and then I sprinkled some shredded iridescent glitter from the craft retail store into the wet paint, urgent them into it as I went.

Lauren DIY painted kitchen countertops review, tips and tricks featured on

The final action was masking the painted counter tops with a higher gloss Polyurethane (water based so it wouldn’t yellow). In advance of this I was afraid I added way much too substantially of the shredded glitter, but finished up happy I did since a ton of it came off as I painted the coats of poly (sanding in between each coat of system!) I imagine I finished with 3 coats of poly.

The counter tops have stood up well plenty of for staying a quick redo, but I undoubtedly want to swap them with quartz finally. Some of the paint got scraped when we set up our new stove and I wasn’t able to patch it, so it is a little eye sore. And the poly tends to get cloudy any time there is water on it even for a brief time (it does return to clear just after cleansing up the spill, but it is a kitchen area so liquids aren’t just uncommon).”

Lauren would Maybe try this technique once more on counter tops, and she prices it as a 3 (Fantastic. It did the job.)


Jenna | Rain on a Tin Roof

About 6 months back, Jenna took a diverse approach to generating her laminate counter tops glance like stone, for just $fifteen and some chalkboard paint! Go through the full specifics in this article.

Jenna Rain on a Tin Roof diy faux stone countertop review, tips and tricks featured on

“So far, so fantastic! It is essential to notice that this countertop is not in the kitchen area. Its component of a designed-in device in my husband’s male cave, so it doesn’t see as substantially action as kitchen area counters do.”

Jenna Rain on a Tin Roof diy painted faux stone countertop review, and more about painted countertops featured on

Jenna claims Sure, she would do this once more, “Absolutely! It was quite uncomplicated to do and particularly economical. If it have been going to be performed in a kitchen area, I would recommend employing a more strong sealant other than wax, these types of as a satin polycrylic.” She prices the sturdiness and put on as a 4 (Great. It has lasted well and lengthier than I experienced expected).

countertop painting kit fb

Countertop Painting Kit Assessments

This publish is made up of some affiliate one-way links. Locate our full privateness policy and disclosure in this article.

Korrie | Red Hen House

Korrie painted her countertops (also featured in this article) about four years ago, employing a Giani Granite package.

“We moved from our home virtually just a calendar year just after employing the Giani Granite countertop makeover package on our kitchen area counters. I’m sorry to say it–but I was NOT amazed with how well the counter tops held up all through that time. They have been great with normal wiping/cleansing, but some of the everyday put on-and-tear that counter tops are uncovered to was much too really hard on them. A pot lid, set on the counter, pulled up the top layer of paint. There have been a couple of chips on the edges and the higher area. We are a loved ones of 8, and we use our kitchen area hard…but I expected improved sturdiness.”

Korrie Red Hen Home Giani granite painted countertop review featured on

Korrie would Maybe use this once more or recommend it: “With reservations, I may possibly recommend it for use in a guest bathroom or one thing that did not get a ton of use. I wouldn’t recommend it for a kitchen area.” She prices the finish as a 2 (Lousy. It did not very last, experienced complications, and so forth.) “It did not very last even a calendar year!”



Emily | My So Identified as Diy Blog

Emily redid her kitchen area counter tops about 3 decades back, employing a Giani Granite Paint Kit (in Bombay Black).

“I referenced Gail’s tutorial from My Repurposed Daily life a ton as well as the DVD from the package. I used the primer and then layered diverse colors from the package employing a sea sponge. I sanded in in between levels and sealed with the protective coat in package. It was genuinely quite entertaining and created a major effects in a brief period of time of time.”

“Some complications I encountered

  •  If there was nearly anything wet or sticky on the counter top (and there often was) and nearly anything paper or cardboard was place on top, it adhered to the counter like glue. I would from time to time peel off paint when seeking to rip and scrub the paper off.
  • Messes will need to be cleaned up right away or they are complicated to get off.
  • The paint wore off all around the corners and all around the sink. I did attempt to patch it in a couple of places, but it wasn’t a great answer.
  • Even however the top protective layer hardened properly, just after a calendar year or so, I could never get it to feel clean. No make a difference how substantially I washed and wiped, it nonetheless kind of felt sticky.

My final advice: I assume it can make a fantastic brief expression answer to up grade your counter tops, but just after a couple of decades it will almost certainly will need to be changed with one thing else.”

Emily My So-Called DIY Blog giani granite painted countertop review

Emily would Maybe use this countertop painting package once more, and she prices it as a 3 (Fantastic. It did the job.)

Emily’s tips: 

  • Research the net for photographs of true granite to get an strategy of styles you’d like to replicate and what it genuinely seems like.
  • Make guaranteed to seal the corners and the space all around the sink genuinely well with the protective coat. It will put on down more quickly than other places.
  • It is a fantastic strategy to do appropriate ahead of family vacation or when you know you are going to be gone a ton due to the fact you have to wait around 2 weeks for it to heal ahead of you can use your countertop or sink.



Kelli  | I’m Traveling South

Kelli redid her bathroom countertop and integral sink about a calendar year ago (featured in this article), employing the Rustoleum Tub and Tile paint package. [Heather also shared her experience with the exact same merchandise, used on her tub and shower, in this article.] Go through Kelli’s full one particular calendar year update in this article

“The countertop is keeping up Superbly! When I decided to go with this technique, I experienced read numerous horror stories about peeling and chipping paint. But I genuinely did not want to stay with them the way that they have been for the next couple of decades until eventually we could pay for a rework, so was determined plenty of to give it a try. I am SO happy that we went with this technique. After a calendar year of use, we never have a single chipped or peeling spot. On cleansing days, we use a gentle cleaner, but with 3 tiny boys, Clorox wipes are also used on the normal. I genuinely could not be any happier with our selection to paint with Rustoleum Tub & Tile! There is a quite faint orange ring on the counter that I can not get out. I blame myself for not wiping up water beneath a candle before long plenty of. It is genuinely faint, and I normally maintain a candle in that spot anyway, so it doesn’t bother me!”

Kelli I'm Flying South rustoleum painted countertop and sink review

Sure, Kelli would use this technique once more — with some extra tips: “I would unquestionably recommend this strategy to a pal, but with a couple of disclaimers.

Very first, you have to abide by the instructions, completely and entirely. Some actions seem to be redundant, but I have to imagine that they’re outlined for a reason. We followed them and have experienced wonderful, lasting final results!

Second, I assume that this merchandise is very best used on a sink or countertop. Many of the mishaps I’ve read about have been in tubs and showers, which prospects me to imagine that this paint just doesn’t stand up well in genuinely “wet” places. Whilst our sink and counter get a ton of use, I’m guaranteed it doesn’t look at to the amount of water a tub and shower do!”

Kelli rates her countertop as a four (Great. It has lasted well and lengthier than I experienced expected.) “The only reason I’m going with four instead of five is that I’m not guaranteed how quite a few decades it’ll very last. I just know that I’m thrilled it lasted one particular calendar year and hope it lasts quite a few more!”

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