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Flooring Options Used by Best Interiors in India

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6 Stone Floors Best Suited for Indian Homes

Flooring is a part of a home that interrelates with humans the most. This is the motive that people tend to give it a lot of courtesy. It represents how important flooring can be for your status. Most of the interior designers even feel like it is a status symbol. But when it involves getting flooring done, most folks stay unaware of all the various options available. Any of these Building architects near me otherwise you can commune to us the various options. But we don’t attend architects every now and then. Radvi, Interiors in India will find some flooring options better than others. Here we have given numerous options for you to choose the best flooring design. let’s check out what flooring is and in what sorts it comes. There are some flooring options used by the architects near you.

Flooring options that building architects suggest.

Flooring is all about appearance and texture. This is why it comes in many various types to help the various demands. There are two types of flooring: First one is Soft Flooring and second one is hard flooring. Thus, we put before you floorings during this way. Radvi is an agency that can also help you with design options. There are various ways you can contact them and have a successful project.

Hard Flooring:

The one that is hard enough in texture and work is obviously the hard flooring type. It is in high demand across India and other people prefer it because it provides permanency and lower maintenance costs. Here may be a list of all the choices available and why do you have to choose anybody of these:

Marble Flooring:

It is a kind of stone that gets cut, shaped, and transported for people to use on floors. there’s one thing to notice about it — it’s porous in nature. Porous means it’s a bent to soak up things that fall onto it. For sure it won’t absorb you if you fall, but surely that liquid. Do not use within the bathroom because it can contain bacteria for a extended period. Never ever in hospitals for it’s going to trap those deadly stuffs. Marble flooring can be considered a status symbol.

The cost varies tons from INR 90 to INR 900. Another advantage of it’s that you simply can re-polish them once you are feeling it to be getting dull. Know that its rate also increases consistent with the dimensions you decide for — larger size costing quite the smaller size.

Granite Flooring:

It is a product of fire. No. Really. It gets made up of volcanic rocks and reaches you after getting processed. It is very durable and may sustain heavy-duty works. Another benefit is that it’s not porous in nature. For this same reason, you’ll use it at places where you avoid marble ones. This can be used in kitchen. It looks great and is also affordable. Kitchen requires something that is shiny and also looks great. So, kitchen would be the best place for granite flooring.

If you look for any building architects near me on Google, you would possibly get tons of data about this sort of flooring.

Vitrified Flooring:

A work of human and technology indeed. This is a man-made product that gets made up of silica and clay. These are fewer absorbent in nature and quite hard. Here are the various benefits of vitrified tiles which may lure you. They come in different sizes. These are durable enough. They also found in numerous textures and patterns, which delivers the pliability of choice. If you’re working on to find building architects, then don’t forget to debate this thing with them.

Ceramic Tiles:

These tiles are either ceramic or porcelain. The good thing about them is that they too are available different sizes and patterns. These are the great reasons to choose ceramic tiles. However, know that they’re susceptible to breakage if not provided enough support from beneath.


There are many stones available around. The most famous among all is that the Kota stone. It comes from Rajasthan. The good thing about stones is that they’re very affordable and you’ll use them. However, thanks to their rough texture, you’ll never use them inside. For this exact same reason, people use them for pathways and gardens.

Soft Flooring:

They usually come over hard flooring. The most common samples of this sort are carpets, wooden floors , etc. They take lesser time to put in as compared to hard flooring. Soft flooring is very useful.

Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood can cut into planks. This type of flooring resonates stylishness. The best thing about them is that they last long enough thanks to the hardwood used. Some of the hardwoods are Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Walnut. They are an aura to create and looks ravishing. These are the most important things that should be considered.

Hardwood changes shape depending upon the extent of humidity within the room. This is why you’d never want to use it in areas susceptible to spillage and having high humidity. Look for building architects near me and you would possibly get more information about it from there.

Another thing to vary of is the basement. Basements are most prone to rainwater collection. This is why almost everyone suggests against using hardwood within the basements.

Engineered Hardwood:

This is an engineered product which will sustain the whips of humidity and moisture far better than natural hardwood. It basically consists of two sheets. There is a thin surface which is called veneer, then there is a profuse sheet underneath of plywood.

Hopefully, this article helped you to choose the best flooring options for you. Flooring plays an important role in the interiors of your house. All the building architects near you will also suggest you the same. So, go for these options to choose the best. You can take help from Radvi to solve your queries regarding the flooring options and other details.

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