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Here Are The Best Home Upgrades Under $35 When You Have No Idea Where To Start

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Here Are The Best Home Upgrades Under  When You Have No Idea Where To Start

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In my personal experience, the longer you live in a home, the more you find changes and upgrades to make it suit your needs. If you have a hankering to make some changes around the house but don’t know where to start, and don’t have a huge budget, then you might want to check out the tons of handy home goods on Amazon.

If you’re a fan of iced coffee, but don’t like buying expensive drinks, make your own at home with this glass cold brew maker. Maybe hot coffee is more your style, in which case you might want a mug warmer to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature. Or, if you prefer to have a glass of wine while taking a bath, then this bamboo bathtub tray will keep your drink steady.

There are always ways to make your bedroom cozier, like this comforter that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bring a relaxing come of tea to your bed and set it on this nightstand, which easily attaches to your bed frame.

Part of what makes a house a home is all the ways you make it your own. Whether it’s a certain way you choose to organize, or the tools you like to cook with, this list has tons of affordable home upgrades to improve your life.


These Outlet Plugs That Connect To Your Smart Home Device

Control your appliances remotely with these smart plugs that connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These plugs use WiFi to connect to these devices, as well as your phone, so you can turn appliances on and off with voice controls. They also have built-in timers so you can time when you want lights or appliances to turn on and off.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Can Be Submerged Underwater

Looking for surround sound in your shower? This iFox shower speaker will be a gamechanger if you like to start every morning with some suds and a song. This speaker is fully waterproof — meaning it can even survive being submerged — and can pair with any device that’s up to 33 feet away.


A Cold Brew Maker That Also Works For Tea

Instead of buying expensive drinks from your local coffee shop, try making your own with this cold brew maker. With a stainless steel filter and glass container labeled with measurements, this cold brew device makes it easy to create your own drinks at home. Plus, it works with tea leaves, so you can also brew a delicious batch of iced tea if you choose.


These Bed Lights That Are Activated By A Motion Sensor

If you find yourself stumbling around in the dark at night, then these motion-activated bed lights will save you from stubbed toes. These strips of LED lights include adhesive tape, making it easy to stick them to your bed frame. These lights are also handy for use in the kitchen or on the stairs.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Changes Colors

This essential oil diffuser is so compact and quiet that you’ll hardly notice its presence, except for the sense of calm it will bring to your home. This diffuser lamp can switch between eight different colors and has a capacity of 450 milliliters. They also work as a humidifier so you can keep your house at a comfortable level of humidity.


These Mason Jars That Can Change Your Meal Prep Routine

There are few kitchen items more useful and versatile than the humble mason jar. This set of five mason jars has a wide mouth, so they’re great for storing food. Use them to make overnight oats, to can your own jam, or to ferment some pickles. The jars have an airtight and leakproof seal to keep food fresh.


A Wireless Doorbell With More Than 50 Sound Options

Installing a doorbell used to be a whole project, but with this wireless doorbell, it’s easier than ever. The doorbell easily sticks to your doorway with an adhesive and comes with wireless transmitters that have a range of 1,000 feet. The doorbell lets you choose between 52 different chimes and has adjustable volume levels.


This Bidet Attachment That Makes Going To The Bathroom More Luxurious

Now that I have a bidet attachment on my toilet, I can never go back. This bidet attachment can easily be installed on your toilet and provides a more clean and luxurious experience for all of your bathroom needs. The adjustment knob lets you toggle between different levels of water pressure, so you can get the level of cleanliness you need.


A Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Beverages At The Ideal Temperature

It always feels like a cup of coffee has a short window where it’s the ideal temperature. This mug warmer makes it easy to keep your coffee or tea warm without having to constantly reheat it. Just place your mug on the warmer and it reheats quickly. The warmer is compact, so it won’t take up much space in your kitchen or on your desk.


This Bamboo Bathtub Tray With A Special Spot For Your Tablet

An important part of the bath-taking experience is gathering the snacks and drinks you’ll bring with you. Of course, you need somewhere to put your accessories. This bamboo bathtub tray will let you hold your items with confidence, leading to a more enjoyable soak. The tray is water-resistant and easy to clean.


Some Repair Markers That Make Your Furniture Look Like New

If you have a piece of wood furniture with some scratches or other marks, don’t give up on it. These furniture repair markers are handy for giving your table or desk a touchup. The kit comes with six shades of wax touch-up sticks and repair markers, along with a sharpener. Just apply the touch-up and it will cover the scratches as it dries.


A Magnetic Screw That’ll Make It Hard To Lose Your Keys

This magnetic key holder is so easy to install that you don’t even need any special tools. The magnet is attached to the end of a screw, so it can replace one of the existing screws in your light switch cover. Though they’re small, these magnets are strong and can hold up to three pounds, so even the bulkiest set of keys won’t be a problem.


This Two-Tier Lazy Susan That Keeps Your Kitchen Organized

If you find yourself having to reach way back into your cabinet to find a certain spice, then you might benefit from this two-tier lazy Susan that allows you to spin around the trays holding your items. The lazy Susan is compact enough that it can fit in your cabinet or fridge — yet, it’s still capable of organizing and holding a ton of items.


A Soap Dispenser That Won’t Collect Germs

A typical soap dispenser will collect germs every time someone pumps it, but this touchless soap dispenser is activated by a motion sensor. The dispenser is battery-operated and has a transparent soap compartment so you can see when the soap is getting low and needs to be refilled.


These Floating Shelves With A Geometric Design

Not all shelves have to be a flat plank. These s-shaped floating shelves have a geometric shape that adds a modern touch to your decor. The shelves can hold anything — from books, to framed photos, to small plants. The wooden shelves come in five different colors and can be easily installed with the included hardware kit.


These Clips That Keep Your Cables Neat And Tidy

Having tangled chords is an inevitable part of life. Unless, of course, you have these cable clips that can save you from a knot of cables. These clips, which come in a pack of 16, have slots that tightly hold onto the chord of your chargers and other devices. The clips have a strong adhesive so they’re easy to stick onto a desk or counter.


This Bedside Table That Hooks Onto Your Bed Frame

Use this bamboo bedside table as a handy spot to put your phone, book, and cup of water without needing a bulky nightstand. This lightweight table has clamps that make it easy to attach to your bed frame. It also has a cup holder and slots to organize cables like your phone charger.


A Cozy Comforter That’s Machine Washable

Keep yourself comfortable at night with this down alternative comforter. Made from a soft microfiber, the comforter is filled with synthetic goose feathers and is designed to keep you warm and cozy in the winter but cool in the summer. It comes in four colors and can also be inserted into a duvet cover.


This Electric Wine Opener That’s Easy To Use

Opening a bottle of wine is never as easy as it looks. This electric wine opener actually does make it easy, so you don’t have to struggle to yank out the cork. The battery-operated device can uncork a bottle in six seconds. It also comes with a foil cutter and bottle aerator, to make your wine night as smooth as possible.


This Laptop Stand That’s Incredibly Sturdy

Reviewers are loving this laptop stand for its durability and the way it streamlines their desk. Made from aluminum alloy that helps prevent laptop wobble, this stand elevates your computer, creating more space on your desk and making it easier to use an external keyboard. “Very sturdy and I do not have to worry about my laptop falling even when I adjust the height of my desk,” wrote one reviewer.


This Shoe Rack That Keeps Your Home Organized

If you don’t have anywhere to put your shoes after you get home, then they often pile up in your entryway. This two-tier shoe rack has a minimalist look and can hold roughly six pairs of shoes. The rack is raised and has space underneath the shelf where you can store more shoes or other items like umbrellas.


These Colorful Oven Mitts With A Nonslip Grip

You won’t have to worry about dropping a hot cookie sheet with these silicone pot holders that have a nonslip grip. These pot holders have a cotton sleeve and heat-resistant silicone mitt, so they can protect your skin from burns and hot steam. They also come with two silicone trivet mats, which can also be used to open jars.


A Cutting Board That’s Big Enough To Chop Up All Of Your Dinner Ingredients

I hate when I’m prepping ingredients and run out of space on the cutting board. This large cutting board is big enough to hold all your vegetables or meats, and it’s heavy enough not to move around on the counter. Even better, it’s made from sturdy plastic that’s dishwasher safe.


This Cocktail Set That Lets You Be Your Own Bartender

Having a well-stocked home bar adds a special touch to your home. Of course, no bar is complete without its tools. This cocktail shaker set comes with everything you need to get started. Made from stainless steel, this set comes with a shaker, strainer, tongs, shot glasses, a bottle opener, and other handy devices.


These Salt And Pepper Grinders That You Can Use One-Handed

Upgrade your home dining experience with this electric salt and pepper grinder set. Made from stainless steel, this set of grinders is battery-operated and operates with the push of a button, so you can season your food one-handed. The grinders also have a built-in light so you can easily see what you’re doing.


A Vinyl Record Holder That Can Hold Up To 30 Albums

If you have a growing record collection, then you’ll need somewhere to store them all. This record storage holder can store up to 30 records and stores them upright to make it easy to flip through to find what you want to play. The stand is easily assembled and comes in seven colors.


This Long Lighter That Is Rechargeable

A long lighter is great for igniting candles, stovetops, and campfires, but eventually, they run out of fluid. This Power Practical lighter uses lithium-powered plasma to create an electric flame that can be recharged in an hour and lasts for days. Since there’s no flame, the lighter is also wind-resistant.


An Elegant Decanter That Aerates Your Wine

Enhance the flavor of your wine, not to mention its appearance, with this decanter that can help mute tannins and improve taste. Made from crystal glass, this carafe has an elegant U-shape that is easy to pour. It can also be used as an attractive vessel for serving other drinks, like juice or water.


These Cooling Pillows Made From Bamboo

If you’re a hot sleeper, then these bamboo pillows can help keep you cool. With a breathable premium bamboo fabric on the outside and a filling that you can customize to your own preferences, this pillow is designed for comfortable sleeping. It’s also machine washable, which is always a plus.


A Light Therapy Lamp That Improves Your Sleep & Mood

It’s easy to feel mentally and physically down when you’re not exposed to enough sunlight. This light therapy lamp helps mimic the feeling of sunlight without the UV rays, helping boost your mood and regulate sleep. “I’m seeing an improvement in my energy level and my sleep patterns already!” raved one reviewer.


This Toilet Paper Holder That Keeps Your Bathroom Organized

Keep a stockpile of toilet paper in your bathroom with this stand that holds up to four rolls. Made from a lightweight metal, this stand has a toilet paper dispenser as well as a holder for extra rolls. It also has a shelf that can be used to hold other bathroom accessories like wipes, tampons, or even your phone.


This Camera That Lets You Keep An Eye On Your Home & Pets

If you leave your house for a long period of time, you may want to keep an eye on it to make sure nothing is amiss, especially if you have pets you want to check in on. This Blink indoor security camera is easy to install and allows you to watch live footage on your phone or tablet. The camera also has built-in night vision and two-way audio.


A Set Of Coasters That Look Like Marble

Get the look of marble at an affordable price with this set of ceramic drink coasters. With a black and white marbled pattern, these coasters look just like the real thing, plus they come with a stand to keep your coasters organized. They work with hot or cold beverages and the ceramic material absorbs liquid so you don’t stain your coffee table. Not into black and white? That’s fine — these coasters are also available in three other colors.


This Makeup Organizer With 360 Degree Rotation

Keep all your makeup, moisturizers, and brushes organized with this storage tower that has adjustable shelves. The shelves can be moved up or down, depending on the size of the products, and rotates so you can easily find what you need. The tower is compact so it doesn’t take up much counter space.


This Water Filter That Attaches To Your Faucet

Instead of pouring a glass of water from a pitcher that constantly needs to be refilled, use this Brita filter system that attaches directly to your faucet. The filter lasts for about four months before it needs to be replaced and reduces contaminants in water including lead, asbestos, and chlorine.


These String Lights That Brighten Up Your TV

Add some brightness to your TV-watching setup with these LED light strips. These lights easily attach to the back of your TV or monitor and improve the colors onscreen. One reviewer wrote that the light “makes the picture more vibrant, with better colors and contrast.” The lights can also be used in other parts of the house that could benefit from a little illumination, like under the kitchen cabinets.


These Fridge Organizers That Will Keep Your Cans Contained

Keep your fridge stocked and organized like one of those TikTok parents with these refrigerator drink holders. Designed to fit cans, these containers come in a pack of four and fit canned drinks like soda, beer, and seltzer water. The containers help the cans become stackable instead of rolling all over the place, and it’s a big upgrade for a small budget.


A Jewelry Organizer With A Rustic Look

I find that when my jewelry is on display, I’m more likely to wear it. Hang your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets on this rustic wooden jewelry organizer. The organizer has a mesh grid for hanging earrings, a bar for holding bracelets and hoops, and hooks for keeping your necklaces tangle-free.


This Toilet Brush Holder Made From Stainless Steel

Everyone needs a good toilet brush to keep their bathroom clean and sanitary. This steel brush comes with its own stainless steel holder in a dark bronze color. “I think this is very good looking, but not flashy enough to draw a lot of attention to the toilet scrubber,” wrote one reviewer.


A Set Of Elegant Wine Glasses That’ll Make You Feel Classy

Drinking wine just feels fancier when it’s done out of a fancy glass. These glasses have a thin rim and are designed in a shape that helps wine breathe. According to the company, they were designed for actual sommeliers. “The shape is perfect and the stem is an appropriate length that lets you hold it without warming up your precious wine,” wrote one reviewer.


This Anti-Fatigue Mat That Keeps Your Legs From Getting Tired

If you’re standing for long periods of time while doing the dishes or working at a standing desk, then this anti-fatigue mat can help keep your legs from getting tired. The mat is cushioned and helps improve posture and reduce the amount of stress you put on your joints and muscles. The mat comes in multiple bright colors and patterns to help your kitchen stand out.


This Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Made From Clear Glass

This glass pot has a built-in stainless steel infuser, so you can watch your tea brew in real-time. Just pop your favorite loose leaf tea into the infuser, add hot water, and you’ll have a delicious cup of tea. The pot is microwave and dishwasher friendly, and can even be used to make iced tea.


This Magnetic Dry Erase Board That’ll Make Grocery Shopping Easier

The fridge is one of the most central places in any house, so it’s a great spot for keeping grocery lists and to-do lists. This dry erase board has a strong magnetic backing so you can attach it to your fridge. The board comes with four dry-erase markers and an eraser that doubles as a standard fridge magnet.


A Pasta Machine Attachment That Makes Tasty Ravioli

Making homemade ravioli is so much easier with this pasta machine attachment. All you need is some basic pasta dough and your favorite filling to make some delicious filled pasta. The attachment works with most pasta machines. It’s a great task for doing with a partner for a fun date night meal.


This Charging Station That Can Handle Your Apple Watch, iPhone, And Airpods

Are you an Apple fanatic? If so, it’s likely that you have a ton of accessories that need to charge. This sleek-looking aluminum charging station will be able to handle almost everything. With places to charge your watch, iPhone, and AirPods, you’ll never leave the house with a low battery. Since you’ll be supplying the cables and charger, you can also set it up to give some life to your iPad as well. This station comes in seven different colors.

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