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Hoover Air Purifier 700 Review: Excellent for People with Allergies

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A assessment of the Hoover Air Purifier 700 to see how it can alleviate the signs and symptoms of allergy victims.

In today’s write-up, I am sharing my assessment of the Hoover Air Purifier 700, which has been advised by the British Allergy Foundation. I am sharing with you how applying this unit has affected my allergies. But before we start out, permit me demonstrate a small what allergies I have and just how they influence my day-to-day existence.

Residing with allergies & asthma

My allergies begun around age seven from what I can don’t forget. They arrived on seemingly out of nowhere. It began when I realised that becoming around animals made me poorly. If I went to someone’s residence and they had a cat or a pet dog, my throat would get seriously sore, my eyes would commence streaming and get unbearably itchy right up until they would swell up and I could scarcely see. I would sneeze incessantly and immediately after a when, my windpipe would get tight, I would begin wheezing and I would have genuine problems respiratory.

It was around the exact same time that I was identified with asthma. I had numerous episodes as a youngster similar to my allergy symptoms and my asthma. There ended up various instances when I ended up in medical center needing treatment and aid to breathe.

As I was growing up, I recognized other points that would set off my allergies. I realised that feather pillows would have an impact on my breathing and that dust was also a trigger.

I had hoped to improve out of these allergy symptoms, but I never did. And it was immediately after I gave birth to my initially daughter 8 a long time in the past that I also begun to endure from hayfever. What is a single a lot more allergy to insert to the list?

The animal allergies are the worst as the signs and symptoms are truly everyday living-threatening. But if I simply just stay away from animals there is no difficulty. If I go to someone’s house who has pets, I want to don’t forget to take antihistamines beforehand and to consider my inhaler with me. So this allergy is fairly simple to management.

It is the dust allergy and the hayfever that have quite an inconvenient result on my lifetime. As opposed to animals, you can’t keep away from dust or pollen because they are in the air. You can not retain dust or pollen out of your residence. You have to reside with it and generally medicate versus it.

Hoping an air purifier for allergies

Interior Design blogger Stacey Sheppard is sat on her living room floor. She removes the Hoover air purifier 700 from the plastic bag that it came in

I do not know why I’d in no way viewed as an air purifier in advance of to support regulate my allergy symptoms. I guess they have just been part of my everyday living for so long that I have learnt to cope with them and by no means truly deemed that I could do something to boost the scenario.

When the possibility arrived up to perform with Hoover to exam an air purifier, I was not extremely assured that it would make a variance but I was unquestionably intrigued and interested to try out it out. I mean if it could ease my allergy indicators that would make a massive big difference to my lifetime.

I was sent the Hoover Air Purifier 700 to consider out. This particular product is 1 of the extra state-of-the-art ones. In contrast to the 300, this model has a diffuser and in contrast to the 500, it has a humidifier. As perfectly as the additional functions, it is also larger sized, at 74.5cm tall, and heavier, at 9.6kgs, than the other two versions.

It was quick to unbox and established up. It was now fully assembled and just after plugging it in, it basically demanded the humidifier drinking water tank to be crammed and the diffuser bottle to be inserted. The LED light-weight ring on the appliance cycled as a result of red, orange, yellow and green as it assessed the air high-quality and finally settled on green. It was reassuring to know that the air top quality was even now great in our home. (We’d beforehand experienced a specialist indoor air high quality check done).

WiFi enabled air purifier

The Hoover Air Purifier 700 stands next to a day bed in a bedroom.

The LED lights change off when the unit is in slumber manner

The Air Purifier 700 is WiFi-enabled and can be linked to Hoover’s hOn application. By downloading the application, the air purifier will observe indoor and outdoor air pollution levels, humidity, temperature and air quality in your residence in real-time. There is a Pollen Allergy Method that mechanically adapts the item functionality to your own allergic profile. There is also a CO warn and the hOn Application will notify you immediately in the scenario of a heating or gasoline technique malfunctioning in your dwelling.

Soon after the equipment was up and functioning we downloaded the Hoover hOn application and tried to hook up to the system by Bluetooth. We put in over two several hours hoping to get the product connected on the app. We adopted all the instructions phrase for term, move by stage. We checked our world-wide-web options, rebooted various situations, mounted the app on 3 distinctive telephones and practically nothing assisted. We ultimately gave up incredibly annoyed.

I arrived at out to my get hold of at Hoover who explained to me that there is currently a regarded connection concern with their air purifiers. The situation is remaining appeared at and the crew are operating on a option to take care of it. Sadly this signifies that I am not able to overview the app and the added features that it gives. However, as before long as I deal with to get the application connected I will update the article. 

Pointless to say, if I experienced acquired the Hoover Air Purifier 700, which is now shown on the Hoover website at £349 (reduced from £499), only to find that it will not connect to the Wi-Fi, that means the app functionality does not function, I would be understandably upset. If you spend hundreds of lbs for a little something you would be expecting comprehensive functionality. But with any luck , this will be resolved soon.

Just after offering up on striving to get the air purifier related, we focussed on just the device as a standalone equipment without the app. We began it off with it in the residing place on the automatic environment. The Air Purifier 700 has a Multi Sensor program comprised of a set of intelligent sensors that constantly detect and check the excellent of the air inside of. These sensors continually analyse the air high-quality in terms of PM 2.5, PM 10 and Gasoline (VOC).

At very first, I was upset to see that our air high quality is primarily very superior. The amounts remained regularly green and there weren’t a lot of instances when the unit was triggered and activated.

Can air purifiers get rid of dust?

One factor I actually wanted to check was the dust. I’d remaining the dusting for a bit longer than common so I could see what would materialize and what the air purifier would choose up. Commonly if I depart the dusting for a little bit for a longer time, my allergic reactions would be definitely bad as I dust and the air gets comprehensive of floating dust particles. I would then experience fairly improperly for the relaxation of the working day with a sore throat, itchy eyes and sneezing.

As I dusted, I could see dust particles floating in the air. It took no time at all for the Air Purifier 700 to be induced and the LED mild ring to change to purple signalling the elevated dust amounts. The machine immediately went into maximum purification mode and started off to clean the air. (The Air Purifier 700 can purify the air of a 20 sq m area in just 10 minutes).

An air purifier with HEPA filter

The Hoover Air Purifier 700 stands next to a day bed in a bedroom.

The Air Purifier 700 has a H-TRIFILTER Triple Layer Filtration method that combines three various filter layers in one, capturing and removing microparticles up to .1 microns from the air inside your house. It is the outer layer that traps the premier particles like pet hair and dust.

The HEPA 13 filter traps micro particles like PM 10 and PM 2.5, which includes great dust, pollens, and bacteria, and eliminates up to 99.97% of allergens up to .3 microns. It has a unique therapy to capture and quickly neutralise pollen, earning it harmless for allergy sufferers. 

There is also an lively carbon layer that traps and absorbs gaseous pollutants (VOC, NO2), fumes, cigarette smoke and odours.

As soon as the dust experienced brought on the air purifier it basically took a number of minutes in advance of the gentle turned environmentally friendly yet again signalling that the air was back to an satisfactory degree. And not when did I sneeze, did my eyes itch or did I get a sore throat, which commonly often occurs when I dust.

As hayfever season has not really begun nevertheless, I have not been capable to totally examination the 100% Pollen Neutraliser Technological innovation which pulls in and traps pollen from the air, in advance of neutralizing it. I will look ahead to looking at how productive this is later in the 12 months and I will update this article.

Using the air purifier’s humidifier operate

Upcoming, we moved the Air Purifier 700 into the bedroom. I wished to see how the air quality fared in there. I often wake up with dry eyes and a stuffy nose and I wished to know if the air purifier would assist. At nighttime, we switched the equipment to snooze manner. In this method, the light-weight goes out so it does not preserve you awake and the air purifier operates a lot more quietly. In simple fact, I was shocked by just how peaceful it was. I hardly knew it was on at all.

I was quite happy to obtain that having the Air Purifier 700 in the bedroom meant that I did not wake up with dry eyes or a stuffy nose. I experienced a feeling that probably dry air was producing these challenges so I made absolutely sure to use the humidifier purpose. It is really uncomplicated to use, you simply switch it on till it reaches the correct humidity amount. This can be customed making use of the app but certainly, we weren’t in a position to do this.

It was reassuring to see that the gadget was right away brought on by aerosols like deodorant. As quickly as the aerosol was sprayed, the air purifier kicked in and in just a several minutes experienced cleaned the air and was again to environmentally friendly.

Utilizing the air purifier’s diffuser functionality

The Hoover Air Purifier 700 stands in a living room in front of a sofa and beside a coffee table. On the coffee table is the user manual, a pile of books and a plant.

The Hoover Air Purifier 700 also has a diffuser perform that releases diverse fragrances or probiotics into the air. It arrived with two possibilities, the first of which was Detox Ritual, a H-ESSENCE essential oil. The second was H-BIOTICS, a pure blend of probiotics that can be diffused into the air to develop a lot more hygienic surfaces, and inhibit the proliferation of unsafe microorganisms these kinds of as microbes and micro organism. 

Can air purifiers clear away smells?

It was when the air purifier was in the kitchen area that it was induced most normally. My spouse enjoys to cook dinner and this appeared to activate the system a reasonable little bit. I was hoping that it would take away the cooking smells and it did assistance a small but it did not get rid of them entirely on automatic mode. I ended up switching to max for a tiny whilst immediately after cooking and this obtained much better results.

Neither myself nor my husband smoke so we weren’t able to exam no matter whether the air purifier was able to effectively take out the scent of cigarette smoke.

Are air purifiers really worth it?

So I guess the issue is, is this air purifier value it? I was particularly pleased with just how significantly it alleviated my allergic reactions. I honestly was not expecting the consequence to be so very good. We’ve been using it for just more than two months now and haven’t endured from any allergy signs and symptoms at all in that time. And I haven’t had to consider antihistamines or my inhaler at all.

Even with no all the added operation that the application presents, the air purifier carried out really well and is undoubtedly a little something I would advise to allergy victims. On the other hand, it would be a lot better if I could get it related to the app.

We have ended up placing it in the hallway of our flat as this is the most central place the place each and every place is no much more than two metres absent. From this place, the air purifier can very easily detect all triggers that could activate the unit. There is also uninhibited airflow all over the gadget which enables the 360° Air Movement system and guarantees rapidly and efficient air purification.

We may finish up going it close to relying on the severity of my allergic reactions and where I am paying out my time. For case in point, it may well be prudent to have it in my bedroom at nighttime appear hayfever time.

My daughters would love to get a pet cat and right until now that has appeared an impossibility due to my allergy symptoms. Nonetheless, getting utilised the Hoover Air Purifier 700, I’m commencing to consider that it could be possible immediately after all. Right before we dedicate, nevertheless, I think I’ll be using the gadget to a friend’s household and examining my reaction to their animals while the air purifier is on.

So that’s my evaluation of the Hoover Air Purifier 700. If you have allergies, have you ever applied an air purifier? And if so did it get the job done for you? Permit me know in the comments.

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