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How To Fix A Warped Rug After Getting Wet (Most Effective & Safest)

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Last Updated: May 23, 2022

rug warped after getting wet

It’s a very common query that you would find: Rug warped after getting wet – now what? 

Well, rug buckling is one of the most common scene after an improper steam cleaning. Aside from that, higher humidity is also responsible for rug buckling.

The thing is, moisture is never good for a carpet or rug as it can cause heavy damage of the carpet fibers.

In this article, I will provide you with an in-depth discussion of how to fix a buckled area rug after getting wet.

So, stay with us. Before jumping the gun, let’s start with a general discussion of why moisture or water is bad for a rug.

Why Moisture/Water is Bad for a Rug?

If you let your rug stay wet even after it got exposed to water damage, a few things can happen. The most common thing that will definitely happen is the rug will smell extremely bad. Damp water smell of a fabric made object can be very foul.

Besides that, we know how warping can occur on a wet carpet.

The things that will happen to an unnoticed wet rug:

  • The dye and the fabric will be weak and can be smudged
  • The carpet will definitely absorb the stains more than usual
  • Fabrics that are used for making the area rug will lose their original shape, thus the rug would either be stretched or buckled
  • It will most certainly leave terrible stains on the floor
  • The carpet will lose it’s durability

How to Flatten a Rug that Got Wet?

how to fix a buckled rug

A Rug after it has gone through water damage, rug buckling is definite. The excess moisture forces the rug to experience carpet backing. As much moisture it has taken inside, it will buckle more.

To make it lay flat, there are a few things that you can implement. But first, as a mandatory issue, the rug needs to be taken under a drying process to get rid of the excess moisture. You can start any of the processes even if the rug is a bit damp.

Oh, one more thing, if the rug has gone through a permanent damage, no amount of drying process can help it. It will be completely dry but the rug itself will not lay flat.

So, apply any of the following methods to fix a warped area rug.

Method 1: The Basic Drying Technique:

Let’s start off with the most basic technique there is. If you find your area rug warped after it was exposed to water damage or you live in a high humidity area or the foot traffic on your area rugs is higher than average.

Follow the step by step process. But first let’s check out what you need.

  • Directional stand Fan or table fan

If you have these at hand, you’re good to go.

Using the squeegee get the extra water out of the area rug. We can’t squeeze the rug ourselves, that’s why we would need a squeegee for this. 

squeeze water from your wet area rug

Step 2: Drip the Water Out

Now it’s time to roll the rug into a cylindrical shape and if possible hang it from a certain height.  So that the water that has been squeezed out can drip down completely. 

Make sure, you take the rug down when there’s no water dripping. Otherwise, it will start radiating an acute damp smell that would imbalance the odor at home. Also, ensure that, the edges relax after the water is taken out.

drying rug in the sun

No, it’s not the time to lay it on the floor. You have to make sure there is absolutely no water left in the rug. For that, sun drying is a great option.

To increase the speed of the process you have more options. Now the fan comes in use. You can direct the fan towards the rug to speed up the process.

Step 4: Place heavy object on the rug

put furniture on your warped rug

This basically is the most basic process to fix warped carpets. After the rug has completely dried, lay it on the floor properly and put some heavy objects on all over the rug to make sure it doesn’t move. Let the object sit over the rug for a few days. A plastic under the rug will protect it from the extra moisture captured by the floor.

Method 2: The Iron Way – How to get waves out of a rug?

Is your area rug wavy after cleaning? You rug wont lay flat after cleaning? Here’s the best solution:

The best and the most effective way is the iron way. And the iron way for rugs is to iron the rug with medium or low heat after a proper steam wash.

This even helps the rugs get back to their original shape. You won’t need a knee kicker for that. Even if the rug has a latex backing, it will definitely regain its shape.

To start this process, washing rug is mandatory. You can wash the carpet or area rug with soapy water. After doing so, You can steam it using a steamer or a hair dryer that you have at home.

If the rug still remains wet, dry it in the sun and speed up the process using a fan.

iron your area rug

After drying, the warping and the buckling from the edges will be visible. 

Firstly, take a wet towel and put it on top of the warped area. Now put the iron over the towel and through applying gentle pressure to get rid of the warps from the rug. Keep the heat setting to low. Take your time with the rug.

How to Dry an Area Rug using Baking Soda?

use baking soda for drying rug

If you got your rug damaged by water, and there’s bad weather outside, you might think about how you can act quickly. 

The easiest alternative is to sprinkle baking soda all over the rug in a very generous amount. All the baking soda would suck up the water within half an hour.

For extra assurance, keep the baking soda on the rug surface for an hour or so. After that, vacuum the baking soda off the rug surface and voila! You have a dry carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now, let’s answer some FAQs to relieve you of more confusion.

Q1: Why is my new area rug buckling?

That’s because they’ve remained in this position for a long time. It’s normal. However, fixing a new rug buckling is easier than the one that gets buckled by humidity. We recommend applying the “Iron” method for the fast result.

Q2: Can water damage a rug?

Water can severely damage a rug. Water can be the sole reason behind an area rug to be buckled. Even water can damage the integrity of the fiber that is used for making the rug. According to a publication of NC State University- Unsanitary water can cause heath problem of human being.

Q3: How do you get ripples out of a rug that has been rolled up?

The easiest way is to unroll the rug at first and again roll the carpet to the opposite direction. This would help you get rid of the creases and ripples from your rugs. If not, just use the iron you have at home to flatten it out.

Final Words:

So, this is what you do if you find your rug warped after getting wet. The single most important factor in this regard is how quickly you were able to dry the rug.

The more time you take, the more damage it will get. So, never leave a wet rug unnoticed if you care about your rugs.

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