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How to Maintain Timber Cladding on your Home

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Timber Cladding is an progressively common characteristic on numerous people’s houses and is getting noticed additional routinely in present day architecture. You could be a person of the individuals that have timber cladding on your household and if so, it is crucial that you know the appropriate ways to manage your timber. We are heading to choose you by means of some of the factors that timber cladding can become worn/destroyed and how ideal to keep away from it in this write-up.

How to Maintain Timber Cladding on your Home

What might alter your timber cladding?

Like any picket or timber product, timber cladding is susceptible to several normal brings about of dress in and tear. So, ahead of we get into some beneficial strategies on how to sustain it, we would like to assist you better understand why your cladding can turn into damaged or worn.

Temperature challenges

Weathering is a single of the most important causes of timber cladding sporting out or altering its look. If your home is uncovered to too much daylight on a single side, the probability is that it will start out to age in a different way. This is also the scenario if a distinct portion of your house is additional afflicted by wind or rain. The severe climate will age and put on your house in different ways, so you will appear across patches of cladding that search dissimilar to the relaxation. This is anything that is incredibly challenging to stay clear of, but one thing that you will likely be conscious of when you spend in timber cladding. Quite a few people are actually fond of the way that their timber cladding ages, believing that it is wonderful in the way that it variations visual appearance about time. This is critical to bear in mind, as it could not always be a negative issue that your cladding ages a little.

Natural improve in dimension

An additional all-natural and often unavoidable system of timber ageing is the likely to change its dimensions and form. After once again, this takes place in any timber and wooden product or service, when uncovered to higher quantities of dampness and rain, timber expands. This of study course suggests that it also contracts when drying out. This is anything that you need to not have to imagine about also a lot as it must be accounted for by the installer, when it is initial being installed.

Algae and Mould

In this article we have yet another organic induce of wear on your timber cladding, in the type of algae and mould. This is most typically occuring when you have components of your property that are closely shaded and really don’t get a lot daylight, or has a superior stage of moisture. One more probable cause of algae and mould is from insects that make speak to with your cladding. As opposed to the formerly two described challenges with your timber cladding, there is actually anything you can do to take care of this. Regular cleansing of your timber will help avert the spread of mould and algae and keep your property looking stunning.

How to retain your timber cladding

Now that you have a better comprehension of some of the factors that might cause your timber cladding to have on out, we can start off to glimpse at how you can sustain it and preserve it looking as refreshing and new as attainable.

How to maintain your timber cladding

Cleaning your timber cladding

As we stated in the algae and mould section, you are able to clean your cladding, so we will give you an strategy of the greatest way to do this. Very first of all, you can use a pressure washer to clear your cladding. You require to be mindful if you opt for to do this nonetheless, as you will need to guarantee that you are not likely to injury your cladding. For starters, do not use a strain washer if you have earlier used a remedy or coating, as this will render it ineffective by washing it off. You also want to make sure that you are not likely to do any hurt to the timber, you should attempt and examination a smaller aspect of your cladding, ahead of going straight in. If you want to alter the strain to make sure that you never do any damage, make absolutely sure to do so.

If you only have to have to clear a tiny aspect of your cladding, you could use a sponge, fabric or something comparable. The major profit of applying a strain washer is that you can clear a large volume in a more rapidly time, it is not the only way you can clean up.


We would recommend that you pretreat your timber cladding when you 1st get it. Cure will assistance you avoid mould and decay in your timber, which means that it will stay in good problem for longer. There are a lot of possibilities to address your timber cladding, so it is critical that you do your study and potentially consult an skilled to come across out what the finest possibility might be for you. As we know, timber obviously decays and rots more than time, so using a treatment or coating on your cladding will certainly have its benefits for you.


Basically, the finest way to ensure that your timber cladding is very well managed is to enable for this right before it is mounted, or just after. Do so by pretreating the timber and you will have the most effective opportunity of preserving your cladding in its best shape. If you opt for in opposition to treatment method, then you can refer back again to this weblog to discover much more about what issues you may perhaps appear throughout and how you can cleanse your cladding.

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