Buying a new home brings adrenaline, joy, and a sense of pride. You have just taken a major step towards adulthood. You already have decorating and remodeling plans in your head. Wait, before you get too far ahead of yourself, you still have to solve one major problem: how do you move without a car?

We have a few traveling options that make it easier to move from your old apartment to your new home. None of these options involve renting a U-Haul.

Minimize Your Stuff

Eliminate many of your old apartment furniture and possessions. Store large stuff at your parent’s home or at a storage unit. Sell unwanted furniture. List and Honda Civic Leasing evaluate all your possessions. Decide what to keep, toss, sell, or donate. The more you eliminate, the easier and cheaper your move becomes.

Options for People with Driver’s License:

Use Car Share

Car share companies offer members the option to rent a car for an hour, day, or even weeks. These vehicles are provided either directly from the company or an individual in the company’s system. Car share services are usually much cheaper than car rental businesses.

Zipcar, one of the largest international car share company, offers hourly rates of less than $10. These services may appeal to people moving within state but further than 50 miles because there is no additional mileage fee, as long as the car is returned to its original owner.

Rent a Car

Most car share services are only available in major cities. So unless you can find a way to get to a Used Cars car sharing facility from your current location, this might not be the best option for you. Your best option is to rent a car.

Renting a car has many perks that car sharing services lack. For example, large car rental places, such as the Alamo, are able to offer their customers coupons. Besides Zipcar, many car share companies fail to offer online discounts. Car rental services also have a One Way Rental option, which allows you to drive across country and return the car to the nearest facility. Many car share companies do not have this option.

Borrow a Car

Find a friend who is willing to let you borrow his car for a day or two. If moving long distance, ask your friend to join you on the ride. This way the driving responsibility gets shared and he can drive his own car back.

Options for People Without a Driver’s License:

Mail Your Stuff

Pack up boxes that are small enough to travel through the mail system. This option works best for mailing off large boxes full of small possessions like books and kitchenware. The cost of mailing off your things varies by mail service, immediacy, number of boxes, weight, and distance. Anticipate paying at least a couple hundred dollars to send 10 or more medium to large boxes.

Rent a Full Service Moving Company

A full service moving company loads and unloads all of your possessions on their truck or a rented one. The company then drives the moving truck to your new home. Full service moving companies are offered for both local and cross-country moves. The price of the service varies based on movers’ rates, distance, and number of boxes that need to be loaded and unloaded.

Book a Single Service Moving Company

Unlike a full-service company, single service moving companies require that you load and unload your boxes from your apartment to your home. The company provides a driver who drives your possessions to your new location. Single service companies can be a little more cost efficient than full service companies.