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Laundry Rooms

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Laundry Rooms Redefined

Doing laundry is a task you’ll look forward to in a newly designed and intentionally redefined laundry room. If you’re updating a laundry room, implement as many of these design ideas as possible in your update plan. If you’re adding a laundry room to your existing floor plan incorporate as many of the trending laundry room designs as possible into your new room. The result will be a beautiful, efficient and functional space.

Floor and Countertop

If you design the ultimate laundry room it will need to include flooring and countertops that can withstand and endure a lot of foot traffic and multi-purpose use. Ceramic tiles are one option to consider. Today’s vinyl flooring surpasses the vinyl used in the past. It’s attractive and durable. It’s considered by many designers to be the best laundry room flooring option. Durable countertops are essential in a laundry room. Slate is durable and non-porous making it an excellent choice for a laundry room. Quartz is also a good option. Both materials can elevate the beauty and functionality of your laundry room.


Today’s laundry rooms should include energy efficient appliances. Washers and dryers Massachusetts are available in front-loading and top loading designs. If you include front loading appliances, you can add a countertop above them and gain beneficial workspace.

Specialty areas

Updated laundry room designs often include a pet bathing and grooming area. They may also be designed with a designated space for a dog bed or crate. A desk can be included in your laundry room to be used as a work space. An accent chair can be tucked into the design to serve as a reading area. There’s also a focus on maximizing storage space. You definitely want to explore the unique lighting designs that are now being included in laundry room.

Your new or updated laundry room should be designed to meet your lifestyle needs. The décor should include colors you love, wall art that reflects your personality and special features that make it an efficient and attractive room in your home.

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