March 5, 2024


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Millennial Housing Obsession Fantasy More than Sincerity

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Many thanks to social media’s avalanche of photographs, lots of millennials shop for dream properties they can’t afford to pay for – a aim to be attained fairly than an precise home to purchase.

NEW YORK – The typical price of a home in the United States has greater by additional than $355,000 in the previous 50 many years. Therefore, young people today currently are considerably considerably less very likely to very own a home than their dad and mom were at their age.

Angela Lashbrook, a columnist at Medium’s OneZero, wrote about unforeseen consequence of the decrease in homeownership amid young people today: an obsession with internet sites like Zillow and

Lashbrook herself fantasizes about owning an apartment she uncovered on Zillow in Brooklyn, the place she at present lives.

“It’s great but it is not a palace,” she said. “And it is beneath a million dollars. Which, in New York, is like a diamond in the tough.”

Regardless of the reasonably low price for the location, the apartment is much too costly for Lashbrook and most people today she is aware of. Nonetheless, lots of of her friends continue to expend a great deal of time looking at actual estate listings that are out of reach economically.

“We’re shelling out so considerably time on line,” she said. “And this is just a position we can visualize ourselves in a new reality.”

Lashbrook noted that homeownership can be valuable for people’s mental health, although the instability of staying a renter can have a negative result. In her very own apartment, Lashbrook is scared of her landlord increasing the lease if she asks for repairs.

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