July 16, 2024


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More about researching your title online

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More about researching your title online

Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin

More about researching your title online

Q: I loved your column that promotions with wanting up the status of your title on the net. I discover from your column. I was an underwriter for a person of the nation’s premier title firms for quite a few years, so these dry issues desire me.

With reference to that the latest column and with products that exhibit up on a property’s title commitment, I would like to level out that judgment liens and IRS liens from landowners do not ordinarily show up on the chain of title or on the title dedication. The names of the entrepreneurs down the chain of title must be searched. These matters connect to the land even even though they will not be observed in the land data.

A: Thank you for creating. We wrote that column to inform our visitors about the details available about their home’s title and how to access it. Property owners need to be mindful of issues that influence the title to their homes. Frequently speaking, most house owners know that their residence financial loan will exhibit up on title, but they hardly ever know what other info is obtainable and how it is displayed.

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