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Qualities to ask for from your architect builder for your luxury home!

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We all crave luxury no matter where in the world. It is a human tendency to go look for comfort and then greater comfort. To seek this luxury, we work hard and then spend that money on building our luxury homes. But the fact is that the definition of luxury keeps on taking turns from decade to decade. For example, home automation is a novel entry in this field of luxury – https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-home-automation-in-india/ . And furthermore, personal inclinations modify the definition of luxury too. So, what does luxury mean in the modern world? What are the things that you must ask for from your architect builder?

Luxury does not depend on the cost alone, it depends on how you manage things around too.

What does luxury mean?

Many people start imagining glistening cars, big porches, fancy lights, Jacuzzis, and whatnot upon hearing the word ‘luxury’. Although they indeed form a part of it, they do not form the whole. You can spend a billion on the home and yet might not see luxury. They say about luxury that it is not the opposite of poverty but the opposite of vulgarity. Luxury is a blend of arts and science and rationality. It does not lie in the size of the pool or the brightness of the light, but it lies in the harmony between the elements of a house.

Here are a few examples of what might luxury mean when it comes to a house or a villa.

  • A great quality interior designing.
  • A quality house design from an expert architect builder.
  • Designing of high-end kitchens to serve you ease and quality dining experience.
  • Modern home-automation system like https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-home-automation-in-india/ .
  • Functionality of the design and furnishing done.
  • Quality amenities to provide one with comfort.

These are a few examples that form the contours of luxury. These are a few examples that hint a person about what to look for when hiring an architect builder for their luxury homes.

Now, here is a brief about the features of a luxury villa or house in India.

Features of luxury homes and villas!

Although luxury does depend on personal desires, there are things without which you cannot call a home luxurious. These things are what we call the features of luxury homes and villas. Thus, while getting your house made through a quality architect builder in India, ensure to hunt for these features.

Interior Decoration!

Love it is to enter a home and then fall hypnotized by how the elements inside it create a quality experience for you. It is sheer bliss to look at a wall painted in just the right hue and colour. We love that soothing texture of that Chesterfield and imagine falling down in peace and forgetting our worries. It is the work of great interior design that blesses a home with luxury. Interior designers work on creating harmony between different elements in the home. These elements are,

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Line
  • texture
  • Form
  • Light
  • Space

When these elements come together and weave a fulsome fugue, harmony happens and luxury takes a rise towards the sky.

The View!

We, humans, hold ourselves dearly closer to visual poetics. We are fans of great sights. A far-extending view of the sea, a beautiful hummingbird hovering around that yellow flower, the calming sunset – all these beautiful sights enlivens our heart.

When we talk of luxury, a home with a sea view is always a luxury over a home with a road view. Thus, when looking for a luxury villa, decide about what view you want. If you love mountains, there are places like Coimbatore that have luxury villas; if you love beaches, you have Goa.

Home Automation!

Back in the days, luxury used to be having a man standing near the main entrance and opening the gate for you; a man coming for you to heat the water and turn the light. But now, all these things get controlled using home automation. The modern definition of luxury will stay incomplete without home automation being a part of it. If you are looking for a luxury home, ask your architect builder to have a home automation system in it. Look for the best companies for home automation in India. Here is a sweet suggestion for you – https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-home-automation-in-india/ .

But what exactly does home automation include?

  • Automated lighting system installed in the home.
  • 24×7 CCTV monitoring using wireless technology regardless of where you are at in the world.
  • Automated irrigation system giving you freedom to wander around.
  • Smart temperature regulation.
  • Fire and hazard detection system.
  • Leak detection system.
  • High-end automated security and threat alarm system

These are all the very few examples of what grace home automation serves a home with. When you look for luxury, look for home automation at the very first place.

Luxury Amenities!

If you still open your phone and search for ‘gym near me’ then what good is this luxury for? A luxury villa usually aims to serve its people with a grand-life experience. Imagine having to go nowhere to hit that evening gym, or those morning pool laps, or a sauna session? A luxury villa aims at providing luxurious amenities like

  • Fancy and functional pools like infinity pools.
  • Mini theaters.
  • A park to jog around.
  • Gym.
  • Spas and saunas.

However, know that there is a difference between a luxury home and a luxury villa. A luxury home or apartment is usually smaller in size and usually does not include an individual pool or gym. There might be pools for each floor or the complete block. Ask your architect builder about what all amenities will be there in the provided space.

High-end furnishing!

Although it is a part of interior decoration, the quality matters too. Imagine having a surreal sofa set in your home. You prepare your food and then plan to eat it peacefully while watching your favourite show. You pick up your bowl, turn on the television, smile, sit on the sofa, and boom! The sofa is now in two pieces, you are lying down and the dish is all over you instead of inside you. It is not luxury but stress.

Many architect builders use bad quality materials and then paint them with luxury. Make sure that the product used is of quality. Always hire an expert architect builder and interior designer for your luxury to live longer.

So, now you know what luxury usually means in the modern world, it is time to decide about your location and choose an expert real estate agent. Do not ever fall in the wrong hands in the greed of getting it all cheap. Remember that you are looking for luxury and not for an average house. There have been cases where companies have charged crores and cheated by providing cheap quality plaster and furniture. Always look for an architect builder that holds expertise in home automation in this modern world.

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