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Roof Replacement vs. Re-Roofing

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Your home’s roof is one particular of the biggest investments you’ll make aside from the house itself. With much more than 30% of Realtors attributing roof restoration to brief revenue, it’s effortless to see why property owners — particularly people preparing to provide — are eager to have a tendency to their exterior aesthetic.

When it comes to restoring the roof, home owners have a number of solutions to select from, like re-roofing and roof substitution.

At Outside of Exteriors, we normally suggest roof substitute over re-roofing, and this submit will clarify why.

Contact us for a free of charge roofing estimate if you are wanting to substitute your roof.

What’s the Variance Concerning Re-Roofing & Roof Substitution?


Re-roofing is one particular of the fastest choices for restoring your roof’s appearance. This approach includes setting up a new shingle overlay on leading of the present worn-out shingles.

Roof Substitution

Not like re-roofing, roof substitution requires the full elimination of present shingles from your roof. When the previous shingles are stripped from the roof and the deck is uncovered, your roofing firm will apply an underlayment for additional defense from h2o and temperature things. Then, the new shingles are put in on best of the underlayment, leaving you with an all-new roof that will last for decades.

Why Should not You Pick Re-Roofing?

Not every roof is a applicant for re-roofing. For re-roofing to be a viable option, you must only have a person layer of shingles on your roof. If you have two levels of shingles, you won’t be able to re-roof any a lot more, as this is prohibited by constructing codes. Metallic roofs are also not recommended for re-roofing.

Even further, re-roofing addresses the signs and symptoms of a poor roof but not the underlying trigger. Introducing a new layer of shingles on top rated is like applying a band-support, and it won’t allow you see if your roof has any challenges. Unless of course you elevate the shingles, troubles like rot or sagging will go unnoticed.

Why You Really should Decide on Roof Substitution

Opposite to re-roofing, there are no prerequisites householders should meet up with to be a candidate for roof substitution. Roof replacement can be concluded irrespective of how a lot of layers of shingles are on the roof, and this process outcomes in an over-all longer-lasting, extra sturdy area.

Even though the initial value of changing a roof is extra than re-roofing, the extensive-time period price tag discounts from ripping up the roof to detect early indications of rot and drinking water injury are invaluable.

Roof substitution is a sensible selection for property owners who are involved about the structural integrity of their property or system to take pleasure in their residing house for quite a few several years to come. Roof replacement is also great for people prepared to sell their residences.

Check with With Past Exteriors for Your Roofing Desires!

If you’re searching for a professional roofer to support with your roof alternative venture, Outside of Exteriors has the staff you will need. Our roofing industry experts have aided Virginia family members increase their exterior aesthetic for much more than 10 many years, offering the greatest-excellent roofing resources out there.

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