50% of City Dwellers Would Move if They Can Work From Home

If everyone in the U.S. could out of the blue work from property, 50% of people in four big U.S. metropolitan areas surveyed said they’d move for room, privateness and security.

NEW YORK – The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired lots of American customers to move from dense city centers to scaled-down metropolitan areas, suburbs and rural places, even while some will return to standard work options following the COVID-19 pandemic passes. For these people, the “long commute” cause to stay clear of a property has taken a backseat to their drive for additional room, privateness and security.

In April and May well, 27% of the additional than one million Redfin customers looking for homes did so exterior their metro spot, and a different Redfin survey observed that 50% of respondents from New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston said they would move if the possibility to work from property turned

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