A roundup of coronavirus outbreaks on construction sites

The development industry hasn’t been portrayed as getting the popular outbreaks of COVID-19 that have plagued other sectors these as meatpacking plants, nursing properties and health treatment facilities. But there is no nationwide knowledge clearinghouse that tracks COVID-19 outbreaks by industry, including construction, and regional media reports have highlighted dozens […]

Modular builder Skender Manufacturing closes, citing coronavirus challenges

Dive Temporary: Chicago-dependent Skender Production, the modular-focused spinoff of basic contractor Skender Design, has declared it is closing its doors because of to economic complications introduced on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Skender Production CEO Mark Skender informed Design Dive that a coronavirus-induced downturn in hotel building experienced significantly impacted the firm, […]

Despite coronavirus challenges, financing is available for the right projects

Less new development tasks have come to marketplace due to the fact the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. Even now, six months into the outbreak, several proprietors and developers are prepared to acquire risks through the ongoing economic uncertainty. Nevertheless, lenders and financiers continue to want to back superior tasks and banking […]

High-speed rail projects move forward despite coronavirus

With additional folks doing work remotely, transportation businesses have found themselves with fewer revenue, which could indicate much less expansions of commuter transit expert services and a diminished capability to remain recent with servicing. In New York Town, for case in point, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials reported recently that […]