10 Best Tie Dye Kits 2020 for Kids, Beginners and Adults

Melissa RossGetty Images

From our favorite loungewear sets to this year’s most popular manicure style (have you tried tie-dye nails yet?), there’s something that the children of the 1960s and the teens of TikTok alike can agree on: tie-dye is kind of the best. It may have something to do 2020’s lax dress code and all of the time we have on our hands, but regardless — if you’ve ever tie-dyed, you know how fun the creative process is, and how satisfying it is to show off your creation.

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for teens or you’re looking for a new DIY project to take on, these kits make tie dyeing fun and oh-so-simple. Give a new life to the old t-shirt, hat or pair of sweatpants in your closet with a little bit of colorful dye. See the difference tie-dye can make on your wardrobe for

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