How to Do Laundry – How to Wash Clothes Step-by-Step

Somewhere along the way, someone taught you how to do laundry. In the time since, washing machines and dryers have evolved, the laundry detergent market has grown exponentially (It’s expected to top $223 billion by 2028, per a recent study by Polaris Market Research.) and a global health crisis challenged tried-and-true cleaning methods. As a result, searches for “laundry” reached an all-time high in January 2021, according to Google Trends. Some people questioned their laundry habits (How often should I wash my clothes?) while others simply wondered if those viral laundry stripping videos — you know the ones — were really worth the hype.

Even if laundry is your most dreaded household chore, there’s no way around it: Your clothes, towels and bedding will continue to pile up until you clean them. Because of this, the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab is always on the hunt for ways to make

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