Why You Should Always Plant Flowers in Your Vegetable Patch

If you’re still escalating bouquets and veggies on reverse sides of your yard, it’s time rethink your yard system. Companion planting bouquets and veggies in the similar beds is a technique specialist growers use to boost yields and maintain crops balanced, and it’s uncomplicated and useful for rookies to do, much too.

Maggie Saska, plant creation specialist at the Rodale Institute natural farm, states the most crucial motive to grow bouquets in your vegetable mattress is to catch the attention of native bees and other useful insects. With no bees stopping by your yard to snack on nectar and swap pollen all around, you’re heading to have a quite disappointing crop.

In addition, planting bee-helpful bouquets around your veggies also supports struggling pollinator populations and biodiversity. You can also plant bouquets exclusively to catch the attention of butterflies, hummingbirds, and other fascinating species.

All set to get started off? Ahead

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