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The Home Depot Flooring A-Z

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What is beneath your feet (or nonetheless you get all around) is as essential as anything when it will come to home. Which is why this slide, we collaborated with The Home Depot on an A to Z manual that’ll give you the self-confidence to make flooring decisions you are going to enjoy. Look at out the A to Z handbook below.

Let’s be real: the set up method for any variety of flooring is constantly a complicated, time consuming, and deeply individual method. And when techniques and components range wildly, whether you are installing new wall-to-wall carpet in your bed room or providing your sunroom a porcelain tile facelift, there are foundational guidelines for any variety of flooring set up that will reward both equally the wellness of the undertaking and your personal individual wellness, particularly if you are going the Diy route. The Home Depot has products, tools, and even skilled installers to assist along the way.

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Actual physical wellness: Often use defense

It may possibly look like there are dozens of tools out there, based on what form of flooring you are putting down—miter saws, pneumatic nail guns, trowels, drill bits, and much more. (See our T part for much more on tools!) But the most necessary instruments in your flooring arsenal are about guarding your wellness, not just getting the task done.

Gel-Foam Tender Cap Operate Knee Pads



First and foremost, commit in great high-quality kneepads. Positive, you may possibly appear like a ’90s rollerblading fanatic, but putting stress on your knees for lengthy stretches of time can lead to shorter-time period pain and lengthy-time period hurt. (There is actually a specific variety of knee condition—prepatellar bursitis, also recognized as “floor-layer’s knee”—that is the bane of skilled contractors.) You can order kneepads that are manufactured specifically for flooring projects, with special functions these types of as thigh supports, gel inserts, and varying cap models (hard-cap, curved-smooth, and flat-cap) that match how considerably movement you are going to be accomplishing in the pads.

Goggles are also a have to for everyone who values their optical wellness (which is, ideally, anyone). There are lots of choices on the current market, but choosing a pair that satisfies the American National Standards Institute goggle guidelines—protecting against points like chemical splash and dust—will be certain peace of intellect.

“Wear strong, shut-toed sneakers, like a perform boot, when working on any flooring undertaking.”

Oh, and this likely goes with out declaring, but construction zones should constantly be flip-flop totally free. Put on strong, shut-toed sneakers, like a perform boot, when working on any flooring undertaking.

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Environmental wellness: Dust, VOCs, and eco-friendly products

Flooring is a messy business, and can launch a good deal of byproducts into the air about the training course of an set up method. Which is why you should put together the most secure surroundings achievable prior to commencing your perform.

Begin by closing off the space you are going to be working in, applying plastic and strong painter’s tape all around doorways, air ducts, and home windows to reduce debris and chemical smells from spreading to the rest of the dwelling. (If there are a number of entries, designate just one doorway the “entry and exit” place and hold all other access factors sealed.)

Often don a protective mask when accomplishing any type of flooring perform, whether you are cutting wood or making use of sealants, to guard your lungs from dust and chemicals. Even though lots of flooring products right now delight themselves on possessing reduced or no unstable natural and organic compounds (VOCs)—indeed, there are lots of stunning reduced-VOC laminates on the current market now, whilst, a 10 years in the past, the choices were being slim—it’s constantly finest to err on the aspect of warning and don a mask.

Throughout hardwood set up projects, dust is a pressure to be reckoned with and have to be dealt with as these types of. Contemplate renting a HEPA (high effectiveness particulate air) vacuum and applying it continuously during the undertaking to suction up any lingering particles.

And remember, followers are mainly your mate. They can assist hold temperatures well-controlled when working on vinyl or tiling projects in scorching climate, and the Environmental Safety Company (EPA) suggests ventilating any freshly carpeted region for seventy two hrs following the undertaking is complete. (Location up followers willy-nilly in a hardwood set up, nonetheless, will just leave you with a full good deal of small dust tornados.)

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Mental wellness: Added, extra—give on your own more time

It can be quite disheartening to examine on line that a flooring undertaking should only acquire “about an afternoon” or “one day, total!” and understand on the early morning of day three you are not even close to remaining finished. Give on your own a tiny breathing space, and whatsoever the believed “time to completion,” double it. If you end it early? Excellent! If you never? There is no require to tension that you are not working hard sufficient or generating speedy sufficient development. Your sanity will thank you.

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Wellbeing of your home: Follow instructions, make sure you!

There are these amongst us (this writer provided) who are not inclined to examine instructions, and tend to forge in advance with out knowing particularly what is going on. With flooring projects, that is a recipe for disaster. If a products incorporates manufacturer’s instructions—or procedures for which products to use with specific sorts of flooring—always comply with them to the letter. If not, your dwelling could be ruined permanently, you could get rid of your warranty on the products, and you are going to be still left with a really highly-priced mess to clear up.

If a products incorporates manufacturer’s instructions, constantly comply with them to the letter.

A great illustration of this is adhesive. Flooring adhesive is a variety of long-lasting glue that bonds your flooring to the subfloor or underlayment. The variety of adhesive finest suited for your unique undertaking is decided by variables these types of as the problem of your substrate, the area of the space you are rehabbing, and the flooring product you’ve chosen. Regardless of whether you are applying vinyl, tile, or carpet, there is a variety of adhesive out there to match up with your products.

If you are attaching to a concrete subfloor, for illustration, you are going to require a distinct variety of adhesive than if you are attaching to a plywood subfloor. If you are installing flooring in an indoor-out of doors room—or a strictly outside space—you’ll require an adhesive that can manage the fluctuations of the features.

If you comply with the instructions and use an adhesive meant for carpet in an indoor-out of doors area that has vinyl, be organized for a sticky mess on your fingers. The base line: Often examine the instructions and comply with the manufacturer’s pointers, for the wellness of your home.

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Emotional wellness: Support (can be) on the way

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Even though vinyl and laminate flooring tend to be a lot easier to put in on your personal, other components like hardwood, tile, and carpet might verify much more trouble than their worthy of to Diy with out the assist of a skilled. If points get much too overwhelming (or if the kneepad-stylish appear is just not truly working for you), The Home Depot’s set up company staff is constantly at the all set to start a new flooring undertaking for your relatives, or leap into the middle of just one if points have not long gone quite in accordance to strategy. They are the professionals, following all.

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