The Link Up: The Comforter Set Emily Bought For The Farmhouse Guest Room, Mallory’s $40 Jeffrey Campbell Boots Dupe, & An Affordable Rattan Floor Lamp

Happy Sunday ya’ll. This week was one for the books mainly because we published the VERY FIRST FARMHOUSE REVEAL!! It’s been an exciting week, to say the least, but now it’s time for our weekly link roundup. Let’s get straight into it starting with a brand new AD home tour we all love.

This gorgeous London Victorian home was built in 1877 so as you can imagine it is oozing with history and charm. The wooden partition alone is breathtaking and is original to the home (as are most of the architectural elements since this is a Grade II home so it’s protected from major changes being made). If you love a vintage-filled English home, do yourself a favor and check out the whole tour.

From Emily: Last week we shot and styled Anne from ARCIFORM‘S house and bought this pink comforter set for one of the rooms. After seeing it in person, I decided to also use it for our quick guest room update (coming at you soon) and it’s just so darn cozy. It’s not super cheap (nor should it be) but way more affordable than a lot of its competitors. We also used this faux leather lumbar pillow for that shoot which you might remember from the mountain house primary bedroom. It’s so good. Sara also has it and affectionately refers to it as “the worm” :).

From Mallory: I’ve had my eye on these Jeffery Campbell boots in white for over a year but $220 always felt a little steep so I’m very excited to share that I came across the perfect dupe for $40 at Target last week. I LOVE them so much (I sized a half size down btw) and have worn them a ton. They look way more expensive than they are. 10/10.

From Caitlin: The theme of today’s Link Up is dupes, apparently :slightly_smiling_face: I recently fell in love with this rattan and brass floor lamp, but the $1,238 price tag was a little (HAHA, okay – A LOT) out of my budget. I kept searching and found this similar style on sale for $499 (down from $949!), but that was still too expensive for me. Enter: THE TJ MAXX WEBSITE. I don’t know why I’ve never crept around their site before – maybe I thought it was just an in-store retailer? But holy crap, I found this scalloped rattan floor lamp for $149.99!!! It’s admittedly much sweeter than my original inspiration lamp (this one is very coastal/preppy/grand millennial, while my $1,200 version felt a little sturdier and statement-y and “masculine,” if that makes sense), but it’s 10x less and it provides the same hint of texture that I’d been looking for. Highly recommend taking a peek around their website, though – there are a lot of great deals on furniture and decor (and they just added in holiday pillows which are SO fun to look at, even if you have never purchased/will never purchase holiday pillows – speaking from experience here). Well done, TJ Maxx buyers – your website is just as fun as your store. :slightly_smiling_face:

image via kathleen ashmore

From Ryann: I am always looking for really simple dinner ideas because my husband and I like to eat at 5 pm so we can eat together (he works 7-4 pm and then comes home and usually has therapy clients from 6-8 pm). So by the time I am finishing lunch, I am already thinking about what we can have for dinner. In theory, salads are “easy” but I have a small kitchen so if a ton of chopping is involved, I’ll just end up making a huge mess and will get very frustrated. I also don’t like when a recipe calls for random ingredients that I won’t be able to finish later on. But last week when I saw this recipe, I was like “OH, I can do this!!” It’s just shredded iceberg lettuce, a can of chickpeas, salami, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, and a DELICIOUS vinaigrette. I made it last Thursday and my husband and I both loved it so much. It’s definitely light so it could be a side salad for a main dish but we just had it with a side of bread and butter. So if you are looking for an easy and yummy chopped salad, I highly recommend it.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow! xx

Opener Image Credit: Design Joanna Plant | Photo by Helen Cathcart | Via Architectural Digest

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