June 15, 2024


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The Many Benefits of Building A New Garage Addition

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Owning a home is a wonderful part of life and can make family life such a treasure with years of memories built upon the coziness of a great home. Over the years, most homeowners look to improve their home in as many ways as they can to make the space more livable and enjoyable. However, not all home improvements also improve the value of a home. If a home improvement project is simply done for the convenience or pleasure of a current homeowner, it may not increase the overall value of a home if a typical buyer would find little need for it.

Primary Benefits of Building A New Garage Addition

But there are some great projects that a homeowner can do over the years to add more enjoyment to their home as well as build the value of their home. One of these projects includes adding on a garage. Garage spaces are a big benefit for a homeowner because it allows a homeowner to protect their automobiles from the weather elements and it affords the homeowner the great convenience of pulling into a garage without having to worry about being exposed to inclement outside weather elements. Both of these are usually the primary reasons people choose to add on a garage to a home. The most predominant style of the garage that is built onto a home as a later addition is a two-car garage.

Added Storage Benefits With A New Garage

With the addition of a garage area built onto a home, homeowners also significantly increase their ability to store: garden tools, lawnmowers, outside patio furniture in the offseason, automotive maintenance supplies, bicycles and sporting goods as well as other important storage needs on the main floor of a home. Having this extra storage area is the second primary reason people choose to build garages onto a home.

Garages Increase Property Value

The other main reason people often add on a garage to a home is to build equity value and curbside appeal. If a home is built in an area where most of the homes have a built-on garage, then the value of the home without the garage will be significantly negatively affected by the missing garage. By contrast, if a home has a garage added on and it is in an area that has few garages, it will see a boost in long-term value because of the garage was added on.

In addition to the storage benefits, garages help a home look more complete, attractive and stately. Most of the time, the amount of money spent out to build a garage on a home is reflected in a boosted home value for the same amount spent to build it. Sometimes the increase of home value long-term is more than the cost of building it. This makes the investment of building a garage a wise one for financial purposes as well. The addition of a garage makes the home more sellable, more enjoyable for the homeowner for the additional space for storage and a great way to protect a family’s automobiles and keep homeowners protected from inclement weather elements.

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