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Toilet Sink Combo – Puffs Ruffs N’ Stuffs

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Toilet sink combos are gaining in popularity. These units are great for small bathrooms or bathrooms without a sink in them. Have questions about what a toilet sink combination is? This post will answer those questions and show you where you can find toilet and sink combos.

What is a toilet sink combo? Learn more about this space saving invention from Japan, the toilet sink combo. Toilet sink combo installed.

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What is a toilet sink combo?

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The Sink Twice toilet sink combination unit. HERE

A toilet sink combo is what it sounds like, a combination toilet and sink. These are sold a single unit, or you can adapt an existing toilet to be a toilet and basin combination unit. Toilet sink combinations are great for saving water. They can also improve hygiene by adding a sink to a spot that may not have had a sink. So long as there is running water for the toilet, you can have a toilet basin combo.

Toilet sink combos were originally from Japan. They have been in use since about 1956 according to the book “283 Useful Ideas from Japan” by Leonard Koren.

How do toilet sink combos work?

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The Sink Again toilet sink combination unit. HERE

Toilet and sink combos are a normal toilet with a sink added over the water tank. A combo toilet sink can be sold as a complete unit, or you can retrofit an existing toilet by adding a sink to it. This sink hooks up to the water in to the toilet, so you are using clean water to wash your hands. The water from the sink falls into the toilet tank so it can be used for flushing the toilet.

Why get a toilet and sink combo?

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The Sink Bigger toilet sink combo conversion kit. HERE

Why would you want a toilet and sink combo? Toilet basin combos are great for saving water. Instead of wasting the water from washing your hands, it falls into the toilet reservoir for flushing the toilet. If you have limited water access or just want to help save water, a compact toilet sink combination unit is the way to go.

Toilet sink combos are great for small bathrooms or a small home that may not have a sink in the bathroom. Using a toilet and sink combo instead of a full sink saves space in a small bathroom. The space saving toilet and sink combination is a great way to add a sink to a bathroom that doesn’t have one or to save space.

You may not have to clean the toilet as often. Since sink toilet combos are using grey water from the sink to flush, you may not have to wash the toilet as often. The water from washing your hands has soap in it. This soap is rinsing the toilet down with every flush. Over time, this little bit of extra cleaning can lead to you having to clean the toilet less often.

Another good reason to get a toilet and sink combined is the price. Compared to buying a stand alone sink and toilet, the toilet sink basin combo price is very appealing. If you do not already have plumbing for a sink, you would have to add this too. Converting an existing toilet or just using a combined sink and toilet makes a lot of sense.

What are disadvantages of a toilet bowl sink combo?

Why wouldn’t you want a toilet sink combo? Sink and toilet combos are not for everyone. They serve a very specific need – add a sink to a space that doesn’t have one or doesn’t have space for one. Combination toilet sinks can be difficult to access. You need to reach over the toilet bowl to wash your hands. For people with difficulties moving around, it may be too hard to use a toilet sink combination.

Another reason you may not want a sink and toilet combo is the lack of counter space for storage. Often, toilet sink combination units have just enough room for a bottle of soap. If you are looking for a place to store your toothbrush, makeup, and more then a toilet and sink in one will not work for you.

There is no hot water. A toilet sink combo with hot water is not a thing. Since these units tie into the water line for the toilet, they are using cold water in the sink. Having a bathroom sink toilet combo with hot water would require plumbing it to the hot water line, or to have it’s own water heater unit.

How hard is it to install a toilet sink combo?

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The SinkPositive toilet and sink combo conversion kit. HERE

Installing a toilet and sink combo unit on an existing toilet is a simple process that does not need a plumber. Each toilet and sink combination unit should come with instructions for installing it. You would want to follow those instructions. Installing a combo toilet sink is a bathroom project you can DIY.

In general, to install a combined toilet and sink where you have an existing toilet you would buy a kit to convert the toilet. Yes, there are toilet sink combo units for sale, but converting an existing toilet is much easier.

Make sure that your work area is clean before starting. Have a couple of towels and some plumbing tape on hand just in case. Also, make sure you turn off the water to the toilet before disconnecting anything. Flush the toilet to make sure that the water is turned off. You do not want to accidentally have the water still on when you start converting your toilet to a toilet and sink combination.

Where to buy a toilet sink combo?

Where can you find a toilet sink combo for sale? Amazon has a selection of sink and toilet combo retrofit kits. You may also be able to find toilet sink combos at Lowe’s or Home Depot – or your neighborhood hardware store. Sometimes these stores may not have them in stock, but might be able to order them for you.

In Review

What is a toilet sink combo? Learn about a toilet sink combo. Japanese toilet sink combo

Separate bathroom sink and toilet units can take up a lot of floor space and use a lot of water. If you do not have a sink in your bathroom, or do not have room for a sink you should get a toilet sink combo unit. You can retrofit an existing toilet to add a sink on top. This saves space, saves water, and is more hygienic than not having a sink in your bathroom.

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