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Types of Solar Power System: Find Out Which One is Ideal For You

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4 Types of Solar Panels - 2020 Solar Installation Options - Modernize

A lot of people are now shifting to using solar energy as their source of power be it for residents or business use. Solar energy has a lot of advantages that’s why people are going for it. Solar panel companies are continuously growing in number as well as the services and systems they offer. There are several types of solar power systems offered by solar panel companies.

Solar panel companies have been customizing their products to fit their customer’s needs. They have been coming up with modifications that can satisfy their customer’s needs.

Three Main Types of Solar Power System

Grid-Type Solar Power System

If you opt for this type of solar power system be sure to be willing to pay the cost, it is more expensive than other types of the solar power system. It has more specialized equipment, installation procedures, and has batteries. It can pull energy from the grid when your panels can not produce enough energy to cover your energy needs. Since it is connected to the grid you can benefit from it when you use a net metering system, you can sell excess electricity generated from the grid and can get credit on your electricity bill.

Grid-tied solar panel systems with energy storage

This system is the same as the Grid-Type Solar Power System. The only difference is this one has a solar battery. Having solar batteries allows the system to collect energy and store it on batteries. Instead of getting energy from the grid, it pulls energy stored in the batteries. Your advantages for this type of solar power system will be being able to use free energy saved from the batteries instead of pulling electricity from the grid. You don’t also need to worry about brownouts since you have a power backup you can use when the power goes out.

Off-Grid System

This system doesn’t require getting connected to the grid system to work but requires a larger grid. For the reason that it needs to store more energy so it can be capable of sustaining the energy needed to run the appliances, you need to power up. Since this system is not connected to the grid, its source of power is merely from the sun, so it has to store enough energy as much as it can to save it.

Other Types of Solar Power System

Stand Alone DC System

This is ideal as a utility power substitute, these systems are composed of solar charging modules, storage batteries, and controls. These are usually perfect to replace kerosene lamps and can be useful in remote areas, vehicles or boats. It can be charged during the day time and automatically stops charging once fully loaded.

Stand Alone AC-DC System

It is the same with Stand Alone DC System but this is equipped with an inverter that converts DC to AC. BY being able to produce alternating current it can power up household appliances such as vacuum, computers, washing machines, and kitchen appliances. The inverter comes in many sizes the bigger the inventor the more appliances it can power up.

Back-Up AC System

This system consists of ten or more modules, battery banks, and one or more inverters. It serves as a backup for the solar when it is needed. Just in case power fails the power from the battery bank is available.

Utility Interconnected System (Grid-Tied)

This is the simplest system and has no batteries. They are not used as back up instead they contribute power going back to the existing power supply.

These types of solar power systems were created to be able to satisfy the needs of people who want to shift their energy sources into solar ones. Since it can give them several benefits such as:

  • Lower Electricity Bills

Since using a grid solar power system can give them an opportunity to get credits through net metering. They can have lower electricity bills because they can credit the excess energy that was produced by their solar power system. Imagine having electricity credits for years, you can save a lot from it.

  • Good Investment

Solar Power systems are a good investment since they can last for 15 to 25 years. Getting a solar power installation may cause you but you can have your return of investment in 3 to 5 years. All the money you can save from paying your bills can pay off the money you spend on your installation.

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