Why Do You Need to Consider Using Electronic Health Record Integration?

Former Epic Employees Raises $3.5M for EHR Integration API

The medical industry is making steady headway into the realm of electronic medical record integration. It has been nearly 20 years since the first electronic health record was implemented in the U.S. and now many hospitals, clinics, and health information management companies are looking at the American health care system with the same eye as doctors and technology companies have for their European counterparts. While Europe has embraced many advancements in electronic medical record integration, the American medical system lagged and remained stubbornly resistant to change. But now that the tide is changing, it is not likely that resistance will be with us for long.

Protect Patient Records

One reason why electronic medical record integration like epic integration is now so widespread is the passage of HIPAA legislation. The primary goal of HIPAA was to protect patient records while strengthening privacy regulations. Although HIPAA did achieve its primary objective, the … Read More