27 Dramatic Black Bedrooms – Chic Black Bedroom Ideas

Dan Arnold

Black bedrooms: rebel move or the key to a sophisticated sanctuary? More and more designers are proving the latter to be true, casting bedrooms in the darkest hue on the spectrum to stunning effect. While black doesn’t always make the go-to list of neutrals, it’s actually a fabulous one, creating a high contrast with virtually any color it’s paired with, be it white or gray, or any color in between. Which brings us to yet another perk of black: there are few colors that it won’t look terrific with.

Those who’ve been contemplating a black room will find that black is especially easy to integrate into the bedroom, where its inherent mood of mystery will feel like a natural fit. Remember: black bedrooms don’t have to adhere to a monochromatic scheme. Black walls can be a powerful background for colorful artwork, or a striking way to set off

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