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27 Stunning Marble Bathroom Ideas

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27 Stunning Marble Bathroom Ideas

marble bathroom ideas

Francis Dzikowski

First used by the Greeks and Romans over 2,000 years ago, marble has remained a mainstay in interior design—especially in bathrooms. Wonderfully versatile and naturally water-resistant, the metamorphic rock has proven its functionality and charm time and time again. Calacatta, a white stone with fine gray veins and gold notes, is a classic choice, while rich, black marbles like Marquina Black and Portoro make a dramatic impact in any space. With dozens of marble options on the market—each with different colors, thickness, grain and veining—the possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s utilizing a marble slab as a vanity countertop, opting for an all-marble floating sink or installing marble tiles on a floor or wall, interior designers use the material in a variety of stylish ways. Commissioning a custom marble vanity can be quite an undertaking, but the result is a tasteful and enduring addition to your bathroom. Considering the limited space of a vanity, don’t shy away from employing a bright blue or deep green marble counter for a pop of color. For the true marble-lovers among us, encompass your whole bathroom with marble tiles. Marble on the floor and walls give a master bath produce an illustrious shimmer that few other materials can replicate. Pro tip: watch out for slip-resistance. While some finishes make floors especially slippery, finishes with a high slip-resistance are safer to step on when wet.

Interested in designing up a marble bathroom of your own? Look to these stunning designs to get you started. Whether you want to create an all-marble, spa-like sanctuary or desire to implement some marble accents into your space, these bathroom ideas are guaranteed to inspire and motivate.

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Blue Marble

A blue marble vanity provides a cool contrast to metallic elements in this striking bathroom designed by Atlanta-based designer Amy Morris.


Marble Madness

Miami-based firm Dunagan Diverio mixed marble with a variety of other stones in this stately bathroom.


Carrara Corner

A marble entryway that gives way to a full shower makes a dramatic impact in this bathroom dreamed up by J. Hirsch Interior Design.


Double Trouble

For this homey primary bath, Chicago-based KitchenLab Interiors opted for a pair of wood vanities topped with marble slabs that complement the mauve-colored marble floor.


Absolutely Marble-ous!

Los Angeles-based designer Andrea Michaelson went all out for this masculine-feeling bathroom. An earth-tone marble covers the walls, while a floating wood vanity and stainless steel tub lend additional ballast.


Gray All Day

In this stunning bath designed by Brooklyn-based firm CWB Architects, a patterned valance and silvery floor tiles highlight the gray veining in the marble-clad walls.


Taking Fancy

A white marble floor, a wingback chair and a uniquely-textured vanity tee up a stunning contrast in this elegant master bath designed by Tish Mills.


Plenty of Fish in the Sea

A white marble vanity tempers the visual exuberance of a playful, fish-flocked wallpaper in this coastal-themed bathroom designed by Hannah Childs.


American Luxe

Los Angeles-based firm Interiors by Patrick utilizes a black marble-topped wood vanity in this sophisticated primary bath that expertly mixes Old World and New World elements.


Pretty as a Picture

Miami-based designer Janet Patterson uses a surplus of Calacatta marble in this modernist bath to highlight an exquisite natural view.



New York-based designer Tara Kantor created a custom white marble mirror to offset a coppery-black marble vanity in this unique and eye-catching bath.


Luxe Luster

A glossy, marble-tiled floor shimmers in this airy master bath teed up by the firm Harrison Design. A white cowhide rug lends additional texture and dimension.


A Private Oasis

For this Laguna Beach home, interior design firm Harte Brownlee & Associates created a spa-like master bath complete with marble floor, tub and walls. A serene painting completes the scene.


Checkerboard Chic

A gray and white marble checkerboard floor adds an extra layer of dimension to this marble-covered bathroom designed by Brooklyn-based studio CWB Architects.


Pretty in Pink

Pale pink and marble make for a dreamy combination in this sophisticated bathroom by Atlanta-based designer Suzanne Kasler.


Industrial Comfort

An exposed sink and industrial fixtures provide an arresting contrast to an elegant marble vanity countertop in this bath designed by Hannah Childs.


Square Up

To lend interest to a surplus of gray-tone marble, the Hoboken-based design firm J. Patryce Design puts a square motif on repeat. Evident on both the walls and the floor, as well as the vanity, mirror and acrylic waterfall bench, the resulting effect is a visual delight.


Marble on Marble

Atlanta-based firm Harrison Design showcases plenty of marble in this crisp and clean master bath. The gray veining of the all-encompassing white marble even complements an abstract art piece.


Moroccan Dream

Designer Karen B. Wolf opted for a marble top vanity along with a dramatic mirror and Moroccan-inspired wallpaper to create this glitzy and glamorous bathroom.


En Suite Elegance

A cage chandelier and navy gray cabinetry offset an elegant marble floor in this European-inspired en suite bathroom by the Pasadena-based designer Ruben Marquez.


Mirror, Mirror

In this tranquil bath, interior designer Suzanne Kasler employed a classic white marble floor and marble vanity top to offset a dramatic wall of layered mirrors.


Simple and Clean

Earthy marble fittings on the vanity and tub add warmth to this airy master bath by Los Angeles-based firm Legaspi Courts Design.


Spa-Like Sanctuary

A heavily-veined white and gray marble bathtub makes this elegant bath designed by Dodson Interiors feel like a spa-like sanctuary.


Free as a Bird

To bring harmony to a Chinoiserie-style wallpaper, Houston-based firm Lucas/Eilers Design Associates opted for a soft gray and gold marble vanity countertop.


Big & Bold

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates employs an enchanting wallpaper again. This time, they spring for an understated, marble top vanity that allows the ornate wallpaper to take center stage.


Twist on Tradition

Designer Courtney Hill installed a raised marble sink atop a farmhouse-style vanity to add an unexpected layer of dimension to this traditional bathroom.


Maximalist Moment

For a “more is more” moment, New York-based designer Lauren A. Balkan juxtaposes a gray, wavy-veined marble vanity with an avian-flocked wallpaper and tiger print ottoman. An overarching gray and gold color theme ties all of the unexpected elements together.

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