May 21, 2024


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5 Reasons Metal Roofing Is Perfect for the Tiny House Movement

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Tiny homes are the newest trend in housing solutions that provide quality living at an affordable price. The savings come through the sheer limited space of the structure. Metal roofing is increasingly the material of choice chosen to cover the interior from the elements. Below are five reasons that metal should be the material of choice for your tiny house.

Made of Up to 95 Percent Recycled Metals

The entire tiny house movement began as a way to leave a lighter carbon footprint in the world. The American dream of substantial home ownership has been traded for more confined, practical space. Downsizing has become the new norm. Most of the metal used to create these types of roofing panels are mostly recycled products. You can feel good about adding features to the tiny home that are in line with protecting the environment and natural resources.

Keeps Lofts Cooler

Metal roofing can reflect a portion of the sunlight back into the atmosphere. It minimalizes the heat that would usually build up. It translates to a cooler interior in your tiny house. These homes come with with a loft sleeping area. It puts you directly under the roof. Keeping this area cool is one way to stay more comfortable within the smaller space.

Lighter Weight Material

Building a roof with traditional asphalt shingles can add a tremendous amount of weight to your tiny house. Keeping the overall weight down is beneficial when it comes time to move it to a property. The metal roofing panels are quick to install and are considered the perfect roofing for the compact design of tiny houses.

Durable Roofing

Good roofing materials need to withstand reasonable amounts of punishment from natural elements like wind and water. Metal roofing is a material that can easily deflect rain, wind, and creates a surface that ice and snow are unable to adhere. Metal is even able to resist fire to protect your home.

Incredible Longevity

It is not unheard of for a metal roof to still look reasonably well put together after 50 to 80 years. This type of roof is manufactured to last for the duration of standard home ownership. Metal roofs receiving reasonable care are proven to be one of the materials that last the longest.

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