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A Prague Maisonette Brought to You by the Numbers 6 and 9

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A Prague Maisonette Brought to You by the Numbers 6 and 9

The phrase “paint-by-numbers” is generally applied disparagingly to denote a undertaking that adheres far too closely to an proven template. But the saying requires on new meaning in a Prague renovation by No Architects, where a painting of two numerals inspired a playfully spinoff combine of vibrant colors, daring forms and intriguing textures. 

The artwork in concern, a favorite of the maisonette’s homeowners, is by Czech painter Vladimír Houdek. Across 4 panels, he explores the visual similarities concerning the digits 6 and 9. (And even though the architects take note that the amount 69 “has a unique that means for the proprietors of this place,” they clarify that it is not mainly because of its, uh, “sexually coded reference”.)

Quite a few of the two-storey unit’s most eye-catching components can be traced back again to this canvas, now prominently suspended among the kitchen and eating area. First, there’s the home’s color scheme, which carries the painting’s daring blue by way of to both of those the decreased kitchen area cabinetry and a wander-in hallway closet (both of which, like all of the project’s home furnishings items, are customized manufactured). 

The pale pink made use of on the upper kitchen area cupboards and wall-mounted cabinets introduces a dynamic counterpoint, when other shades of blue pop up in the course of the dwelling to build spaces that sense harmonious but not a person-notice. 

Meanwhile, the mottled border all around Houdek’s artwork informs the tough edge that operates along the bases of the kitchen’s upper cupboards — a second of rawness that can make for a enjoyable contrast to the delicate hues and gentle curves that surround it.

Aside from inspiring the space’s numerous rounded types, the sinuous designs of the painting’s integers also surface all through the home in a lot less summary means. Upon nearer inspection, the perforations in the home’s metallic vent grates are basically a sample manufactured up of quite a few very small 6s and 9s. 

This element hints at the numerous practical problems that were solved in the course of the renovation — along with modifying the unit’s layout to enlarge vital areas, the architects also revamped the heating method and installed an air conditioning device. The new stairs stand for one more key up grade, illuminated by below tread lights and framed by a wall of wood that curves around a corner and swoops up on to the ceiling as one reaches the next storey.

All over the maisonnette, other artworks from the family’s selection advise additional style and design elements. Teardrop-shaped lights reference the two the melancholic tone of a portray by Josef Bolf that hangs in the living space, as nicely as a close by waterfall mural by Patrik Hábl that’s noticeable as a result of the window.

All in all, the finished property is a prosperous extension of the art it showcases. And mainly because it is born from an equation that’s equal components imitation and creativeness, the closing option appears to be just about anything but formulaic.

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