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Can Roomba Go Over Rugs & Transition? (Here’s How!)

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Up to date on May well 14, 2022 by Brett
can roomba go over rugs with fringes

I’m all about addressing the most prevalent queries lifted by people with regards to house challenges. I like experimenting with modern working day tech and one particular of my modern experiments was with a Roomba.

Persons have been asking inquiries like can Roomba go about rugs and carpets or can Roomba go more than transition strips in discussion boards and threads. It is noticeable to have the exact same question thinking of how deceiving technological know-how can be these times.

But I can guarantee you, that a roomba is definitely able of likely around rugs, carpets and transition strips relying on what model you have

I know a single sentence is in no way assuring. The Web is crammed with specifics about how robot vacuum cleaners like roombas fall short in the question of can roomba go in excess of rugs with Fringe?

Let’s just go by way of every thing there is to know about how you can make your roomba go over rugs, carpets and transitions. Stay tuned females and gentlemen, you are about to ace how to handle a roomba robot vacuum. Very first, let’s start off with clarifying a confusion first.

Why Doesn’t My Roomba Go About Rugs?

Right after recognizing that a roomba can go above rugs, it is meant to be discouraging to see yours averting the space rugs each time it goes close by. Funnily more than enough, the “scientists and engineers” who created such robot vacuums extra a couple of sensors to assistance these robots feeling hazard.

And by threat I necessarily mean the chance of slipping over from the stairs or a railing with plenty of gaps. This is silly! 

What about residences that really don’t have stairs? And nobody puts place rugs near the stairwell and surely no home has a cliff within.

Continue to these kinds of sensors are comprehensible and there’s a way you can trick these roombas.

A dark place carpeting will fool the Roomba into believing it is slipping down the techniques, fooling the 4 sensors on the entrance of the device. Protect the sensors utilizing a sheet of simple white paper with clear packing tape on equally sides.

Then reduce the sheet into four small items to go over the sensors. If you tape these around the sensors on the bottom of your Roomba, it will vacuum around rugs.

Now, let us very clear out a several extra confusions.

Can Roomba Go In excess of Transitions?

can roomba go over transition

Again, if a roomba is element packed and is not a affordable random one particular, it can surely take care of transitions. Transitions can be of several kinds. Say you have wood floors, or tiled flooring or even you have plastic or hardwood flooring in a particular place of your residence.

A roomba is programmed to have an understanding of the variance of flooring to regulate the vacuuming movement, way and speed. If your roomba is only suited for cleaning only one particular style of flooring, it will not go above transitions.

But if it’s a reasonably priced a person which has the function of knowledge distinctive flooring styles, it will most definitely go around transitions. You cannot really reprogram a roomba at household. Make positive you get 1 that can tackle the transitions.

In most conditions, a roomba that can deal with transitions is by default capable of heading in excess of rugs and carpets. It will not want any tips or modification.

Which Rug is Greatest For Roomba Robot Vacuum?

Possibly you have a robot vacuum and want to get a rug or you have a rug and want a robotic vacuum. If you have a rug, skip this and transfer ahead. But if you have a roomba and want to get a rug, you better verify this out. You know what, just test this out.

To be seriously honest, the fashionable working day roombas, properly, they all are fashionable day roombas but the newer ones with much more attributes can handle any type of rugs. Setting up from leather-based, shags, viscous, normal fiber, synthetic rugs, just about anything and anything is roomba helpful.

But the difficulty is with the tassels (rug fringe). As their tassels are not mounted on the floor like the physique of the rug, they often get sucked in by the vacuum of a roomba. That can lead to mechanical destruction and failure to a roomba. Hide the tassels if your rug currently has them.  

Nonetheless, you can use fringe holder tape that will conceal those tassels. Stay clear of rugs with tassels if you have a roomba at residence.

Look at the pursuing online video on how to adequately tape a rug with fringes:

How to Continue to keep Roomba Off Of Space Rugs?

Now, this is for all those who want to preserve their roomba off of their rugs. It could feel like I’m downplaying the ability of a roomba but regrettably it is genuine that a roomba simply cannot actually clean a rug thoroughly.

If you are a person of those people today who really do not rely on their roomba, abide by the solutions beneath of holding the roomba off rug.

  • Roll the rug though the roomba is at perform
  • Put some sort of a actual physical barrier which it can not get around
  • Use a magnetic tape or a wall accent. These additional items generally appear with the a little high-priced kinds
  • Retain the lights on if your roomba is dependent on optical or light-weight sensors

Should really I Get a Roomba?

The higher than dialogue was for both of those roomba entrepreneurs and people today who want to possess roombas. But this is for these of you who nonetheless are confused about receiving a roomba. In this element I’ll examine the professionals and negatives of the robotic vacuum using expertise I had. I have a pro-roomba stand.

The key cause why I love a Roomba is it does my operate while I’m not at dwelling. Imagine about it. You have been to your workplace the full day, shelling out your time working with what you do every day. Coming again house to an unclean floor is a nightmare.

Yeah some of us deal with that nightmare. But I selected to outsource the nightmare dealing element to a roomba and boy am I delighted or joyful!

I have a pet, a cat, which leaves hair practically everywhere you go on the floor such as that extravagant rug in the residing room. For me, having back again house from do the job will be a cry for help for the reason that I have to get rid of all that cat hair.

The roomba is my ideal pal in this regard since soon after I received it, NO A lot more PET HAIR! This sort of a reduction.

This tiny dude is a noisy one. It can be troublesome as hell when you’re at home to bear the audio of a roomba currently being at operate. That’s why I maintain it turned on when I’m absent and off when I am home.

  • Skips the Corner of the Rugs

I really do not seriously have any plush rugs at property. But lots of people with plush and thick rugs with a hair like texture at household have informed me that the roomba they have, possibly sucks the hair out of the rug or skips the edges of the rug.

This is a solvable situation much too. All you have to do is follow the techniques above of holding the roomba off the rug and you’re golden.

Note: If you’re on the lookout for extra rug vacuum cleaners except iRobot roomba check out our in-depth shopping for information for the leading rated vacuum for smooth carpet and fragile rugs below.


A Roomba with the capability of going above rugs can go more than rugs. If you preserve inquiring can roomba go more than rugs without truly finding a roomba that can go around rugs or producing those sure modifications, it’s just unfair.

Just get a robotic vacuum that can go more than rugs. If you have budgetary problems, just comply with the methods of preserving the roomba off rug. But for earning the roomba go over changeover, you would have to include a couple of bucks to that price tag restrict. Possibly way, a roomba is a excellent close friend to depart the property to. It’ll hold the floor clean.

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