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How to choose the best costume for this Halloween, 2020.

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60+ Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Men in 2020 | SPY


With Halloween fast approaching, many people already have their costumes prepared, but I know some people are still thinking of what they should be for Halloween this year. There are tons of ideas and ways to get imaginative, beautiful, and unique costumes, and you don’t even have to break the bank. You can look through a list of fashion store reviews to find your perfect costume or you can simply come up with one yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a costume for Halloween.

What is your style?

What’s your style, what’s the side of you people don’t get to see all the time? Well, it’s Halloween, so it’s not a bad idea to do something different but still totally you. Do you like to look simple, scary, cute, sexy, feisty? Whatever your style is, put that into consideration when choosing your Halloween costume. Remember to choose something you’re comfortable with, but feel free to mix it up a bit. You could incorporate some aspects of your previous costumes or turn them into completely new costumes. But whatever you choose should express your individuality. You can visit online fashion outlets like fairy season, for a wide range of Halloween clothing pieces.


What do you find interesting?

Halloween gives you a chance to be what or who you don’t usually get to be and do things you don’t normally get to do, so don’t be scared to have fun with it. Your costume can be inspired by things that interest you, it could be a TV show, your favorite movie character, your favorite sport or sports team, your favorite restaurant or meal, or even your pet or favorite animal, just feel free to go crazy and do whatever you like.


Consider the weather

The weather is an important factor to consider when choosing a Halloween costume, you don’t want to wear something thick on a hot day because that’ll make you sweaty and uncomfortable. You also want to be prepared for rain, if there’s any. Thanks to technology, as we can now know the weather days before Halloween. So, check weather apps to know what the weather is, you could incorporate a rain boot and raincoat and maybe an umbrella in your costume if it’s a rainy day, and you know it’s not advisable to wear heavy costumes on a hot day, you’d know it is okay to let your hair down or just tie it up in a ponytail, you’d know how much makeup to use.


What is your budget?

Before you finally pick out that outfit, what’s your budget. Do you have enough money set aside for the costume you want to purchase? Are there cheaper alternatives? Do you have similar items in your closet? Is your costume something you can put together from what you already have in your closet? Think about all these so you don’t go around wasting money on stuffs you don’t need or stuffs that you already have.

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