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How to Grow and Care for Spider Plants (Chlorophytum Comosum)

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You will not have to be a decor enthusiast to respect the positive aspects of indoor crops. Not only are crops an quick way to fill your household with some pops of greenery — they’re also known to help purify the air, maintain worry at bay and even boost creative imagination. In other terms, they are a no-brainer to maintain all over.

If you might be hunting for an desirable, lower-upkeep alternative, seem no even more than the spider plant. Also known as Chlorophytum comosum, the most typical selection of spider plants are marked by their long, slim leaves that aspect yellow or white stripes. But there are other folks to choose from as nicely. “There are also solidly green plants and some with slightly curly leaves,” states Blythe Yost, co-founder and chief landscape architect of Tilly. “I have a tendency to stick to the classic variegated selection, as I uncover it most hardy, but they are all quite tricky, quick-to-develop indoor vegetation.”

The ideal portion is that caring for spider plants is reasonably easy, as they can tolerate neglect. “Just a common potting soil will operate properly and a shiny site,” claims Yost.

Completely ready to watch your plant flourish? Adhere to these easy spider plant treatment and rising strategies from Yost. (By the way, we also appreciate the snake plant as properly as the rubber plant for the indoors if you’re searching to fill your household with more greens.)

How to Grow and Care for Spider Plants (Chlorophytum Comosum)

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Stick to watering it about at the time a week. Your target should be properly-drained, lightly moist soil. If the plant’s leaves begin browning or even start off to die, probabilities are you happen to be possible about-watering. On the other hand, the spider plant’s leaves will begin to fade if it is underneath-watered. “Just be sure not to in excess of- or less than-water your plants,” states Yost. “Pressured out plants are far more probable to succumb to pests and illnesses.”


Spider crops prosper with vivid, oblique daylight. If they are uncovered to direct mild, their leaves can burn. Continue to keep in intellect that these plants can survive in other lights circumstances as nicely, considering the fact that they are rather adaptable.


It’s not important to use a lot of fertilizer for your spider plant. An all-objective a person just at the time or 2 times a month in the spring and summer season is sufficient. A fertilizer that is drinking water soluble is greatest for this specific plant.

Spider Plant Toddlers

You may well have read that spider vegetation make newborn crops that are termed pups or spiderettes. The fantastic news is that it is a breeze to improve new plants from them, according to Yost. “Just slash them off the mother plant and either plant the knobby finish immediately in the soil or soak in water for a week to 10 days till minor roots seem and then plant in potting soil.”

Spider crops are a wonderful solution if you want to take pleasure in the splendor of greenery in your interior with no all the maintenance. These fundamental ideas will ensure that your spider plant thrives.

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