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LEM Meat Slicer Reviews in 2022 | Is It Worth Buying?

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LEM Meat Slicer Reviews in 2022 | Is It Worth Buying?

Meat slicers are vital tools to have in your kitchen if you operate your have business.

In addition to that, having said that, there is nothing that stops you from owning just one in your individual dwelling. It can be utilised as a jerky or food stuff slicer, which will allow you to slice any meat products into thinner and much better parts than you could have performed with a typical knife.

In this LEM meat slicer assessment, we will focus on 1 of the best models on the sector for meat slicers- LEM- and the major 5 different food stuff slicers that the model has to present. In addition, we will explore the various features of these meat slicers and why customers are inclined to acquire from LEM when they need to have a very good foodstuff slicer.

Best LEM Food Slicers

1. LEM Goods 8.5-Inch Meat Slicer

This LEM meat slicer capabilities two blades that are 8.5 inches. It also will come with a constructed-in tray that will conveniently catch the sliced meats for you and where by you will be equipped to retrieve them when you are finished cutting.

The two blades that these LEM slicer functions are used for various purposes the conventional blade is intended for deli cuts, and you can use the serrated edge for crusty bread or fibrous meat. It is designed of an aluminum foundation, and the LEM food items slicer has suction cups on the base to maintain it in location whilst you are utilizing it.

These extra characteristics make the meat slicer significantly simpler and additional hassle-free to use. The highly effective 120-watt motor also functions to cut foodstuff less difficult. In addition, there is a handguard and foods pusher that you can clear away, which is meant to continue to keep your fingers safe.

You will be able to remove the carriage devoid of any difficulty, which will help make cleanup less difficult. You will get the pulse operate as nicely with this merchandise. It can lower food items up to ¾-inches thick.

2. LEM Solutions Large Bite 10-Inch Meat Slicer

This LEM jerky slicer is yet another solution that has generally favourable assessments, in accordance to LEM meat slicer evaluations. It is the excellent product if you usually want to have excellent cuts of your favored deli meats and will make a terrific addition to any business business.

The blade is finely-honed, which usually means that you will only will need to sharpen it really minimal. And when you uncover that you require to sharpen the blade, the merchandise comes with a sharpener for your convenience.

This product has a 10-inch blade, and you will be able to regulate the thickness at which it can cut meat with the graduated knob. Thus, you can slash foodstuff any where involving 1mm and 10mm-thick. In addition, it comes with a sliding carriage and a food items holder arm to usually have smooth and precise cuts.

The LEM meat slicer also has a .4 HP motor and skid-resistant rubber toes to preserve it in area.

3. LEM Products Huge Bite 8.5-Inch Meat Slicer

Below is an additional very-rated LEM slicer. It gives you with the overall performance you need to have from any professional kitchen area device. It also has a impressive motor and a belt generate so that you will have no problems when it will come to slicing the most challenging foodstuff, which includes meat, cheese, and bread.

It has a massive-potential food carriage that will glide across the stainless steel blade. It also has a food pusher with teeth that are intended to handle the device and retain your fingers safe at the similar time.

You can customise the thickness of the food stuff slice working with the graduated knob, which can minimize numerous distinctive forms of food items any where between 1mm and 10mm thick.

Although the blade is formulated not to require sharpening much too frequently, it does come with a sharpener for your included benefit so you can sharpen it every time required. In addition, there is a coated on/off swap that helps to make cleaning the product less difficult.

It is made of solid aluminum for longevity, and the food slicer has skid-resistant ft to continue to keep it in area when you are applying it.

4. LEM Merchandise Mighty Bite 8.5-Inch Meat Slicer

LEM Products Mighty Bite 8.5-Inch Meat Slicer

The LEM Mighty Chunk is a different worthy contender. Contrary to quite a few of the other products on this list, this LEM meat slicer is just one that you can also use at property. It has a silent, belt-pushed blade earning it best for use at dwelling even though at the exact time not missing in anyway in electric power and good quality.

You will be able to slice harder and taller slices of meat. It will come with two blades for various functions the massive blade will enable you slice deli meats, and you can use the serrated blade to slice cheese and fibrous meat.

Like the other meat slicers, it has suction ft on the base to give additional security. You will be ready to slice pieces up to .625-inches thick.

5. LEM Solutions Meat Slicer With 7.5-Inch Blade

The closing product on our list is a different LEM food stuff slicer that you can use at home. It is a 7.5-inch slicer with a serrated blade to minimize even the hardest of foods.

This gadget does not only allow you reduce meats, but jerky strips, cheese, and vegetables. It can lower everywhere amongst deli cuts to 20mm thick.

It is manufactured of large-duty stainless metal to last you as prolonged as doable, and so it can take care of all the perform. It has a hand blade locking screw for effortless elimination, and you can modify the thickness of the cuts making use of a dial.

It also has a sliding foodstuff tray, which is in which the food stuff will drop in when minimize. The powerful motor will ensure that you can slash any foodstuff necessary.


LEM meat slicers keep on to keep on being some of the finest on the current market. With the info from these LEM meat slicers testimonials, now you will be equipped to make a a lot more knowledgeable buy for your business business or dwelling.

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