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Nothing Replaces An On-Site Roof Inspection..Yet

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Nothing Replaces An On-Site Roof Inspection..Yet

Know-how has it is location in business, roofing isn’t any diverse. It is how you use that technological know-how to do your occupation that matters and whilst today’s tech is helpful and truly interesting, we are nowhere in the vicinity of Star Trek concentrations of technologies in which simply just scanning a residence with a drone or from orbit (Google Maps) will explain to us all we have to have to know, not however anyway.

Throughout these previous years of social distancing and reducing human make contact with, we have found more than a handful of corporations misrepresenting some systems in the name of safety and ease, substantially to the detriment of property owners. This is absolutely needless, as we’ve proved above the previous couple of several years, properly performing inspections during the pandemic. Carrying out a good roof inspection needs really couple of further methods to shield property owners and our employees from this kind of matters.

It’s Not Achievable To Do A Total Correct Roof Inspection Without the need of Having On The Roof

Much too quite a few roofers are out there claiming onsite roof estimates are obsolete! Now they can just send a man with a drone, get a couple of photographs and get the job done out a total estimate without having even getting on your roof! They appear to suggest the drone offers them all the info they have to have, the point is, technological know-how simply isn’t “there” to give us any more details than regular old images generally have.

That’s Not Indicating Engineering Has No Use In Roofing, In Simple fact It’s Really The Opposite!

We at Atlanta Roofing Experts see the price in using a drone and other technologies to aid with a roof inspection, in some situation, but making use of it as a alternative to performing a complete, actual physical walk on the roof and through attic spots? No, no, no…not anytime soon in any case.

The actuality is drone know-how and points like satellite imagery (which we use to help us as well) are great applications when doing a roof inspection but the info is minimal at finest. Though a image or satellite picture can give us the instruments to obtain things like measurements and pinpointing simple structural information it tells us very minor about current and probable complications.

Currently, practically nothing replaces the bodily act of having on a roof, sensation each and every action and remaining capable to get up near and bodily touch suspect areas to establish if difficulties are cosmetic or potentially disastrous! Anything fewer and the success can establish pricey to owners.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists inspects every single roof we see correctly, onsite, by climbing up on the roofs ourselves, each time. When we do use technological innovation to guide us, it normally compliments the system, it is not the process alone. For a appropriate, onsite estimate, connect with us these days at (770) 419-2222

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