Report finds more women building construction careers

Dive Quick:

  • Development work opportunities have been between the swiftest-rising for girls from 2015 by means of 2019, in accordance to a new review from Smart Asset.
  • The quantity of girls in the posture of development supervisor enhanced one zero one% from forty nine,400 to 99,400, creating that the 3rd swiftest-rising work for girls total. Other development work opportunities that drew a important quantity of girls have been development and maintenance painters (up 64% from 32,600 to fifty three,three hundred) and development laborers (up 50% from 47,800 to 71,800). The quantity of girls who chose careers as civil engineers also enhanced by forty six% from forty five,400 to 66,000.
  • Despite the fact that these styles of work opportunities are nonetheless male-dominated, the adjust demonstrates that girls are moving into careers usually held by males. Nevertheless, because the studies pre-day the COVID-19 pandemic, Smart Asset stated that the quantity of girls
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