Legal Q&A: What Are Illegal Condo Board Activities?

Can a delinquent owner’s title be provided in the minutes? Can a board ban recordings? Ought to board members’ names be recorded on how they voted?

STUART, Fla. – Concern: Is it inappropriate or illegal to title a delinquent operator and the amount owed in the minutes of a conference in which the board votes to suspend an owner’s voting rights? – B.S., Port St. Lucie

Response: No. The minutes need to mirror more than enough info to discover the home or unit and proprietor in concern. This kind of as a motion stating, “I go that the voting rights of the operator of good deal (amount) be suspended owing to the proprietor staying delinquent in the payment of assessments owed to the association for far more than 90 times.” So, even though it is not illegal to name the human being, we normally advocate you do so

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